Excited to inform you that Los Angeles Open and Best of the West Open in Phoenix are part of the North American Grand Tour now! Yes, it is official. We've changed the Tour name to the North American Grand Tour since we now have tournaments not only in Northern California (7)  but also Southern California (1), Arizona (1), New Jersey (1), Michigan (1), and Washington (1). Check out the tournament list:

2013 BATTF Grand Final Initiative

BATTF is working on something additional this year for BATTF. It will be similar to the ITTF Grand Final, of course, at a much smaller scale. As for the Team League, be patient. We definitely will have a season this year. Just let me push this Initiative out first.

Anyway, here is a brief idea about the Initiative:
  • A $6000 4-star tournament.
  • Here is the tentative prize distribution:
    • Winner: $2500
    • 2nd: $1200
    • 3rd: $600
    • 4th: $300
    • 5-8: $150
    • 9-16: $100
  • I will talk to some tournament directors to see if they want to participate. Players will have to play in the participating tournaments in order to gain points towards the year-end Championships. So far, 7 tournaments have committed to support the Grand Final. I'll talk to more tournament directors to see if they are interested. I believe this Initiative will benefit all tournaments and the sport.
  • There will be only one event - Open Singles. Maybe in the second year we can expand it to Junior events but it will be more complicated. For example, all tournaments have to have the same Junior events.
    • Points:
      • 1st place: 8 points
      • 2nd place: 4 points
      • Semifinalists: 2 points
      • Quarterfinalists: 1 points
  • We may also give weight for different tournaments. For example, for 4-star tournaments, the points will be multiplied by 1.5, 3-star by 1.3, and 2-star tournaments will just be the face value of the points.
  • So, the top 16 top players who gain most points will be invited in to the Grand Final . We will also have a waiting list if some top-16 players can not make it to the tournament.
  • Only four individually barriered tables will be used in the Grand Final. It will be four groups of four. Top two players will advance to the quarterfinals. All 16 players will receive prize money.
  • I intend to sell tickets for the Championships. Maybe just $10. I think we have enough top players whose levels are high enough for people to pay for.
  • The tentative date for the tournament will be in January 2014. However, we need to iron out most of the issues now so that we can push it out in time.
All of the above may be modified pending on the sponsorships status and the feedback. However, we have to push it out ASAP. Otherwise, will have to wait for another year.

I think this can at least encourage the top players to participate in the tournaments. I also believe we people in the bay area can really make this happen.

To recover the cost (> $6K), we'll actively seek sponsorships. We'll also charge admission for the tournament. Let me know if you or your friends or your friends' friends may be interested in the idea - even remotely.

Any feedback, suggestion, or even criticism are welcomed.

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