Important BATTF status update:
Sorry to inform you that the 2012 season is canceled. One of the reasons is that we tried to fit BATTF Team League into the USNTTL structure because we are for the idea. However, USNTTL did not pan out. Here is the partial announcement from USNTTL:
"Since we have not received the minimum number of entries to form divisions in most areas, we will not be running the league as planned.

We always knew that conducting a league at a national level was a huge task, but we took the initiative because we love the sport and would like to see it grow in the US.....

However, the good news is that a newer a better BATTF Team League will resume in early 2013. I believe BATTF was the best team league in the USA, I believe it still is and certainly will be. Lots of new ideas have be explored. Stayed tuned for the updates!

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