Additional Prize for the Cadet Division

(The former World Champion Stellan Bengtsson's training camp)

Former World Champion Stellan Bengtsson kindly offer one hour clinic to the winning team of the Cadet Division. (On his next trip to Bay Area after we have a winner) Also, Rajul Sheth of ICC also will offer total of two 2-hour group training to the winning team and one 1-hours group training to the 2nd place team.

By the way, I just knew that 14-year-old Kei Murai who attended Stellan's camp this week is from Japan. His dad Mr. Tadashi Murai brought him here just to attend Stellan's camp. They will fly back to Japan today - only stay six nights in the US. (Attended the full 5-day training) He also played the Monday RR and won the group two. That's dedication! We hope they have a nice flight home.

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