2009 Fall Season Preliminary Entry Status

The deadline was 8/28/2009. Here is the currently count. Some may arrive on Monday. There are a few player eligibility problem need to be address too. When we say players can play in multiple teams as long as they were in the teams of different divisions, there is also a requirement for that which was decided by the BATTF Board long time ago - players can only play for ONE club. Sorry if we were not clear enough previously.

Teams, please get your uniform for the season as early as possible. Team name or even player name on the jersey are highly recommended. BATTF's official team league STAG polo-shirt will arrive around mid-September. A big California Table Tennis Federation imprint will be at the back.There are blue and black to choose from. $15 per shirt for league players and $20 for others. (MSRP $34.99) Quantity and sizes are limited.

Known entries as of 9/1/2009:

  • Alameda TTC - 6
  • Foster City - 1
  • ICC - 11
  • Palo Alto - 3
  • Peninsula - 1
  • Ping Pong Dojo - 5
  • SFCTTC - 3
  • TopSpin - 3
  • Tri-Valley - 1
  • WCTTA - 4
  • WSATT - 4

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