No Free Lunch?

Who said that there is no free lunch?

ICC Table Tennis Center kindly served free lunch for everyone today! The main dish was the tender baby goat - seasoned with raisins and saffron and served with fragrant basmati rice steamed with herbs and spices. Mogol style and baked for hours!

Congratulations to all winners:

  • Group 1: 1st JiaQi Zheng/Chao Fan, 2nd Tommy Nguyen/Kevin Au
  • Group 2: 1st Daniel Puscasu/Venkat Jayaraman, 2nd Bo Ding/Gary Fang
  • Group 3: 1st Lu Yu/Leland chen, 2nd Dong-Ru Shieh/Kelvin Hwang
  • Group 4: 1st Steven Li/Kunal Chodri, 2nd Anh Tuan Nguyen/Hoang Tong
  • Group 5: 1st Shivansh Singla/Krish Avvari, 2nd Mark Johnson/Lisa Liang
Here are the complete roster and result.

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