Divisions/format for the Next Season

The previous BATTF league season was flawed somewhat in that some divisions played fewer contests than others due solely to the fact that there were fewer teams in its division than the others. We hope to correct this in the upcoming BATTF league season by targeting a league of six divisions of six teams each for a total of 36 teams. With this ideal arrangement, we could guarantee that each team would play exactly ten league contests during the season --- five contests away and five contests at home (one each for each of the other five teams in its division).

However, In order to achieve such a balanced schedule for all the teams, it is necessary to do away with the fixed ratings separating the divisions that existed during the previous BATTF season. Instead during this BATTF league season the highest rated six teams will be placed in Division 1 (or the Open Division), the next six highest rated teams will be placed in Division 2, and so on until the lowest six rated teams are placed in Division 6. This has the added benefit of making it a mystery as to the standing of your team within its division --- whether it be near the top or near the bottom --- since this is dependent on the ratings of the teams registered.

A team's rating will be defined as the cumulative rating of its two highest rated players. The rating of each player on the team is defined as the HIGHEST of their USATT tournament rating and USATT league rating as of July 5th --- or their post US Open rating. Using only the rating of the top two players on the team to establish a team's rating will promote teams consisting of similarly rated players and thus a high percentage of very competitive matches. All members of the team must have either a USATT tournament of USATT league rating. There are a number of table tennis clubs that offer weekly round robins that can be used to establish a USATT league rating prior to the team registration deadline.

Of course, until the team registration period ends we won't know exactly how many teams are actually being fielded this season. Therefore we reserve the right to modify the divisions accordingly --- either by changing the number of divisions or the number of teams within the division. But we will guarantee that the number of teams in each of the divisions will never be separated by more than one team --- perhaps some divisions with five teams and other divisions with six teams if less than 36 teams register, for instance. This can affect the number of team contests a team will play during the league, but at least the division format chosen for this season should minimize this effect.

Team captains please try to select teammates of similar ability so as to foster keen competition in all the matches. BATTF reserves the right to reject teams not adhering to this policy.

After some lengthy discussion, BATTF has decided to use the Davis Cup format for the next season.

One team contest will consist of four singles and one doubles. Two singles matches and then the doubles match. The reverse singles take place on the final two singles. All matches are best of five games. All five matches will be played.

Home Team vs. Away Team

  • A vs. X
  • B vs. Y
  • Any two players from the home team vs. any two players from the away team
  • A vs. Y
  • B vs. X
Each team can use up to 4 players to play a team contest. (2 to 4 players)

More info are coming.

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