The 42nd Internationals Children's Games

Parade before the Opening Ceremony (7/11/2008)

The Playing Hall

BATTF League players Erica Tran and Tomas Fuentes-Afflick along with Vivian Sun and Jiahua Chou played for the US team. Masaaki Tajima was the head coach for the US team. BATTF was a big part of the tournament.
  • Tournament Director: Bruce Liu
  • Control Desk Manager: Peter Tsang and Jerome Poon
  • Head Referee: Dr. Azmy Ibrahim
  • Umpires: Joseph Yick and Kenny Tien
Singapore won both Boys and Girls gold medals. The Girls final between the Singapore chopper and Chinese Taipei looper was a thrill. (15-13 in the fifth!) I think these girls in the final got to be at least 2400. The winner of the Boy has to be over 2500. The International Children's Games are for girls and boys from 12 to 15 years old only.

Here are the winners:
Boys Singles:
  • Gold: Pang, Xue Jie (Singapore)
  • Silver: Dang, Le Trung (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  • Broze: Chou, Hsuan -Chih (Chinese Taipei)
Surprisingly, one Shanghai boy lost in the 8's while another one lost in the quarter.

Girls Singles:
  • Gold: Li, Isabelle Siyun (Singapore)
  • Silver: Tang, Yu-Ting (Chinese Taipei)
  • Bronze: Wang, Yu-Ju (Chinese Taipei)
Here is the complete result.

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