U5700 5/10/08 Tri-Valley Rocks 2 vs. Palo Alto 3

(Natalie Sun, Mike Chen, Brian Chen, Channing Chan, Peter Chung, Robert Wei)

By Peter Chung

By observing the results, the first two matches and the last match was a walk in the park with a little stumble on a pebble for the winner. It was pretty much a one way domination by the stronger player through serves and rallies, but Robert in the second single’s match was starting to get use to Natalie's game and gaining momentum as the match went on. Unfortunately it was too little too late where Natalie held on to win at 3-0. The real fight was on the doubles and the third single’s match. Both games were very exciting and tense.

In the doubles match up, all players from both teams were warmed up and ready to play. From the start, both teams were very focus and serious about the game. Channing had some great serves which gave Tri-Valley an early lead but at the same time Peter was having trouble returning Brian’s serve so the game was tied up leading to deuce. Finally after many tries Peter began to get Brian’s serve with a little advice from his partner. The Rocks pull away with 15-13 win. The second game was no different from the first where both teams were battling point for point with some great shots and counters. Peter is beginning to get into the game and his shots were starting to go in. Natalie’s backhand was as deadly as it can get because spins had no affect on her pips. Again this game goes to deuce and Palo Alto takes it at 19-17. Although Tri-Valley lost that game, they were not disturbed nor shaken up by it. They came out in game three even more focused and aggressive. Peter had no trouble returning Brian’s serve this game. They quickly got to a 5-1 lead and never looked back ever since and won the game. After much contested first two games, Palo Alto didn’t understand why they lost so easily in game three. Their facial expressions and body language showed weakness and fear. Riding from the win from game three, Tri-Valley again took a very big lead 6-2. Palo Alto felt their end coming soon, but at that time Palo Alto calls a critical time out. After the time out, Palo Alto inches their way up from the game. Tri-Valley was beginning to relax and made errors were the opponent capitalized on and fought their way back to deuce and wins. Bravo for Palo Alto, they did not give up and fought hard! This is what sport is all about where nothing is a done deal until you have won. The will to fight is also very important. Finally, it’s the fifth game. The two teams erased everything that had happen earlier and started from ground zero again, except the winner of this game will take the glory. Tri-Valley builds a mini-lead at 4-2, but Palo Alto comes back and ties at 4-4 then leads 6-4. No….this can not be!!! The tables have turned and it was looking good for Palo Alto. At 6-4 after loosing 4 straight points Tri-Valley calls time out. Tri-Valley had to stop their opponent’s momentum and regroup. From then on, every time Tri-Valley evens the score Palo Alto would pull two away. This continued till finally Tri-Valley evens it at 8-8 and leads 10-8, then finally winning at 11-8. It was a great game. Even though Palo Alto lost to Tri-Valley, I believe both team enjoyed the game very much in all aspect.

As for the third single’s match Brian’s forehand was too much and too consistent for Robert to handle, but at the same time Robert’s serve was too spinney for Brian. So the first game went to deuce where Brian edges out with a 12-10 win. In the second game Brian’s forehand continued to pose a big threat to Robert. Brian quickly built a 9-5 lead but Robert was not giving up. His serves continued to pressure Brian and when an opportunity came Robert was able to finish the point. Robert’s will to fight and spirit was not going to allow him to loose this game. Robert caught up to 9-9 and wins it at 11-9. In the third game, Brian was even more aggressive and his loops were just too good. He made Robert dash left and right dictating every shot. He wins easily at 11-4. The fourth game it was Roberts turn to quickly build a lead and maintained that lead until 8-4 where Brian comes back and ties at 8 all. Tri-Valley calls time out to stop Brian’s momentum. The time out proved to be a very wise indeed where it stopped Brian’s steak just enough for Robert to pull away with an 11-9 win. Whoosh….too close. In the final game, Robert’s confidence was high and quickly built a 5-1 lead. Palo Alto calls time out. Brian had to recoup, slow down, and gather himself together. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Robert walks away with the win and match.

Tri-Valley Rocks 2 over Palo Alto Team 3 (3-2)

  • Channing over Mike 3:0 (11-6, 11-3, 13-11)
  • Robert lost to Natalie 0:3 (3-11, 9-11, 16-18)
  • Peter/Channing over Natalie/Brian 3:2 (15-13, 17-19, 11-6, 10-12, 11-8)
  • Robert over Brian 3:2 (10-12, 11-9, 4-11, 11-9, 11-5)
  • Peter lost to Mike 0:3 (1-11, 9-11, 4-11)

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