U5700 4/8/08 Incredibles II vs. Electromax

(Nancy Lee, Sammy Chu, Aaron Wong, Maolin Zhao, Bo Ding, James Nguyen, Stan Sun)

by Stanley Sun

Lots of MSCTT players showed up to cheer and support for the Incredibles II.

If you look at Nancy's league result before the contest, she had been undefeated! She had won 9 straight singles matches! However, Bo was decisive to change that and beat the unbeatable Nancy 3:1! Incredibles II had a great start 1-0.

James lost to Electromax's top seed Maolin. Maolin's heavy chop gave troubled James who himself also chopped heavily and Maolin's forehand smashes proved too much for James.
Bo and Stan won their doubles over Nancy and Aaron. Looking at the rating, it should have been a breeze, right? Big mistake! It turned out to be a very close match. Bo and Stan actually trailed 1:2 before they came back.

James always fights heard. He won this critical match and played his guts out on every point. He was down 7:9 in the fifth but he refused to concede and didn't allow his opponent to gain any point after that.

Stan's last match over Maolin 3:0 was under no pressure. However, every match is important if it comes to a potential tie situation. Keeping that in mind, Stan played extra hard and suddenly got his service game back. Incredibles incredibly finished 4:1 over Electromax.

The biggest beneficiary for Incredibles II's win might have been the iGoLogic since iGoLogic lost to Electromax and beat the Incredibles II previously. The second place is now open for grabs!

The Incredibles II over Electromax 4-1
  • Bo over Nancy 3:1 (11-9,11-6,5-11,11-9)
  • James lost to Maolin 0:3 (5-11,8-11,3-11)
  • Bo/Stan over Nancy/Aaron 3:2 (11-13,15-13,6-11,11-7,11-6)
  • James over Aaron 3:2 (3-11,11-7,7-11,11-3,11-9)
  • Stan over Maolin 3:0 (11-9,11-8,11-7)

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