A Record!

(Ariel and Lily's rating charts courtesy of USATT website)

(Hitting with Chen Longcan on 2/4/2004 when Ariel was 8!)

When was last time a 12-year-old girl breaking 2300 in the United States? At least here is one now - Ariel Hsing is 2371 after the Western Open at Berkeley!

Ariel's US Junior teammate, Lily Zhang, 6-month younger, also reached 2249 in the same tournament.

Ariel is #14 in the top 100 US Women and Lily is #27 now!

Be scared, be very scared to the rest of the U6600 teams! Well, look at the bright side, maybe they won't be eligible to play U6600 next season.:-)

Congratulations to both of them. It is a tremendous accomplishment.

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