U6600 3/18/08 iGoLogic Inspiration vs SF CRS

(Spencer Chase, Terry Tam, Sally Su, Barry Or, Patrick Wu, Gary Fang, Dennis Ong)

Wow, no more undefeated teams in the U6600 division! Following the stunning loss of the highly favored TopSpin on 3/15 to Tri-Valley Rocks 1, the 5-0 San Francisco CRS lost to the relentless iGoLogic Inspiration on 3/18!

The contest started with Dennis from iGoLogic versus Spencer from SFCRS. The rusty Dennis fought hard but even the good ole' Dennis couldn't pull a rabbit out of his hat when he hardly played in the last couple of years.

The key of the night was the doubles. (What else is new?) Using the first singles match and the first two games in the doubles as warmup, Dennis finally found some of his famous touch. Along with Gary's punch block and forehand counter hitting, they came back from 0:2 to stun SFCRS! The bunch of iGoLogic hooligans went wild while the SFCRS kept quiet in disbelief. They were shaken but still confident they would win. After all, Terry and Spencer would play the last two singles.

"A hero is born every minute." That is probably too much of an exaggeration and cheapens the heroes. But tonight, a hero was indeed born. It was the enthusiastic Pat. Pat played like there was no tomorrow. He showed no sympathy that Terry just removed his wisdom tooth earlier - he intended to devour his opponent! A Pat with eyes of a tiger disarmed the toothless Terry. Pat won 3:0. That rocked the barn. People cheered louder than the Elite division event on Sunday. Pat high fived his way to the men's room immediately. Some spectators noticed sparks in Pat's eyes. Maybe just dust in his eyes.

Yeah, inspirational was the word!

iGoLogic Inspiration over San Francisco CRS 3-2

  • Dennis lost to Spencer 0:3 (8-11,1-11,4-11)
  • Patrick over Sally 3:0 (11-8,13-11,11-6)
  • Dennis/Gary over Sally/Terry 3:2 (9-11,9-11,11-8,11-9,11-8)
  • Patrick over Terry 3:0 (11-3,11-4,11-6)
  • Gary lost to Spencer 1:3 (10-12,11-8,8-11,11-13)

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