Mercury News 3/26 Headline News

(photo taken by Moses Wang on March 16 at India Community Center)
(Steve Westly, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner)
(Drawing courtesy of San Jose Mercury News)

Look who's on the 3/26 Mercury News Headline! (both printed and on-line version)

Four Silicon Valley tech moguls could be candidates for governor
By Mike Zapler

They are ultra-ambitious, Silicon Valley success stories, all pondering the next chapter of their careers.

What better to do than run for California governor?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has more than two years before he's termed out. But it's never too early to speculate in politics.

The names of four tech moguls come up frequently: Carly Fiorina, Steve Poizner, Meg Whitman and Steve Westly.

None of the four has declared as a candidate, but at this point Poizner and Westly seem the most likely to run.

"The reality is we have a lot of talent in the valley," said Jim Hawley, a senior vice president for TechNet, a political network of tech chief executives. "It's been used to grow companies, and now it may be used to grow the state."

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