BATTF Players in 3/1 Sac Tournament

(The Open event winner Steven Wang. Photo courtesy of Gerry Chua)
(Back row: Q, Sammy/Isabel/Nathaniel/Anthony Chu, front row: Mark Johnson, Claire Yeh, Barry Or, Jerome Poon, Nelson Yu, Ken Lin)
  • Open
    • Winner Steven Wang
    • Runner-up Khoa Nguyen
    • Semi-finalists JiaQi Zheng, Hailong Shen
    • Quarter-finalist: James Xi Guo
  • Women's Open - Winner Jia Qi Zheng, Runner-up Whitney Ping
  • U-2250 - Winner Tommy Nguyen, runner-up Nelson Yu
  • U-2100 - Runner-up Tommy Nguyen
  • U-1950 - Runner-up Barry Or, semi-finalist Mark Johnson
  • U-1800 - Runner-up Sammy Chu
  • U-1500 - Winner Jerome Poon
  • U-3900 Doubles - Winner Barry Or/Mark Johnson, semi-finalist Qingmin Liu/Sammy Chu
  • U-3300 Doubles - Winner Qingman Liu/Jerome Poon, runner-up Mark Johnson/Claire Yeh
  • U2900 Doubles - Quarter-finalist Ken Lin/Jerome Poon
  • U-2200 Doubles - Runner-up Sammy Chu/Isabel Chu

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