U6600 02/19/08 iGoLogic Inspiration vs. Tri-Valley Rocks 1

(Lang Deng, Paul Lee, Channing Chan, Dennis Ong, Tommy Nguyen, Barry Or, Brian Kim)
(Photo courtesy of Dan Lin)

Writeup by Barry Or

A glance at the BATTF roster page will tell you that Tri-Valley Rocks 1 is stronger than iGoLogic Inspiration --- just look at the average rating of the team members displayed on that page.

Therefore no less than five members of iGoLogic Inspiration arrived more than an hour prior to the scheduled 7:30 start time to warm up. We wanted to make sure we were taking full advantage of our home court by having our players fully warmed up and ready to compete at their absolute peak level of performance. Can you tell just how serious this team takes these matches?

In the first singles match, Tommy Nguyen attacked like a crouching tiger. His opponent couldn't get any more than five points in any game. Tommy just returned from the Northridge tournament filled with untapped energy. Unfortunately for his opponent, he was all to ready to expend that energy in this match.

After seeing Tommy's fighting spirit in the opening match, our long-pips expert Brian Kim played like a hidden dragon in the second singles match. He controlled the match by putting the ball left and right, short and long, fast and slow, and hitting and blocking. Another 3-0 victory for iGoLogic Inspiration.

The third match was the doubles with Tommy using his remaining energy to team with Dennis Ong for yet another 3-0 iGoLogic Inspiration victory -- thanks in large part to Dennis's awesome and skillful play.

With an amazing lineup, fighting spirit, and true inspiration, team iGoLogic Inspiration was able to win the first three matches quickly--- each one 3-0 --- to secure our win this evening. Let's keep it up iGoLogic Teams!

iGoLogic Inspiration over Tri-Valley Rocks 1 3-2

  • Tommy over Paul 3:0 (11-5,11-5,11-5)
  • Brian over Channing 3:0 (13-11,11-3,11-5)
  • Tommy/Dennis over Channing/Lang 3:0 (12-10,11-5,11-9)
  • Brian lost to Lang 1:3 (11-8,8-11,8-11,2-11)
  • Dennis lost to Paul 1:3 (11-5,6-11,11-13,4-11)

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