U3900 02/21/08 Lincoln Square vs. Tri-Valley Rocks 5

(Kenny Wong, David Zeng, Carey Lee, Albert Pinto, Frank Huang, Brett Jackson)

Writeup by Kingston Gee

On Thursday night, February 21, the Tri-Valley Rocks 5 team traveled from Pleasanton on a rainy night to the Lincoln Square Table Tennis Club to play the Lincoln Square TT Juniors team in what would turn out to be a very hotly contested battle.

The Lincoln Square Juniors team consisted of Kenny Wong, Carey Lee, and David Zeng. The Tri-Valley team consisted of Albert Pinto, Brett Jackson, and Frank Huang.

Kenny started off against Albert and the first game was very tight, with both players having chances to snatch it. But it was Kenny who ended up winning it at 15-13. Kenny cruised in the 2nd game, winning it comfortably 11-5. However Albert steadied his game and got his forehand loop going while Kenny lost his aggressive edge. Albert ended up pulling away and winning the last 3 games. 1-0 Tri-Valley.

The second match was Carey vs Brett. Carey started out fearlessly by countering hard while Brett was making his adjustments. Carey squeaked out an 11-9 win in the first, but Carey could not overcome Brett's backhand pips variation the rest of the match. Brett continued on to a fairly comfortable 3-1 win. 2-0 Tri-Valley.

Next was the doubles. Kenny and David squared off against Albert and Frank. The first game was a battle of nerves as there was an abundance of both very good shots and bad misses by both sides. David's tomahawk serve was giving Albert problems. The first game ended up a very tight 17-15 for the Juniors. Thereafter the Juniors took advantage of Frank's backhand and won the next two games and the match 3-0. The team score is now Tri-Valley ahead 2-1.

Next Carey was up against Frank. Carey continued to exploit Frank's backhand with some spinny serves. When Frank scored it was usually with his big forehand loop. Carey won a match with many short rallies 3-0. The team score is now deadlocked 2-2.

In a hotly contested fifth match, David took on Brett. Brett won a very intense first game 14-12. David won an equally intense 2nd game 13-11. The third game was again deuce with Brett coming out on top 12-10. David however ran out of gas and could not open effectively, and Brett was more consistent with his backhand blocking and hitting game. Match to Brett 3-1. Team match to Tri-Valley 3-2.

This was a very closely contested, fun, and exciting match for all involved. There were hearty handshakes both before and after the match by all the players.

Lincoln Square lost to Tri-Valley Rocks 5 2-3

  • Kenny lost to Albert 2:3 (15-13, 11-5, 6-11 4-11, 4-11)
  • Carey lost to Brett 1:3 (11-9, 5-11, 9-11, 3-11)
  • Kenny/David over Albert/Frank 3:0 (15-13, 11-7, 11-6)
  • Carey over Frank 3:0 (11-5, 11-7, 11-7)
  • David lost to Brett 1:3 (12-14, 13-11, 10-12, 6-11)

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Anonymous said...

3rd match, can NOT be 17:13!

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