U6600 02/05/08 iGoLogic Inspiration vs. Cupertino YMCA - Primo

(Brian Kim, Barry Or, Wayne Lo, Dennis Ong, Mark Kent, David Chu, Fernando Chang. Team Primo was glowing!)

This contest was arguably the most exciting one in the 2008 seasons so far. The first four matches all went to the fifth game and were split at 2-2!

The contest started at 7:30PM sharp and finished 15 minutes after 10PM! All other tables had been taken down when the fifth match was playing. Everyone still in the gym was watching. Brian Kim's heroic win in the fifth match rocked the house.

An immediate celebration by MSC players was held at the Nutrition House at Milpitas Plaza. Players did not leave until mid-night!

It was some serious contest! iGoLogic brought their own banner! Sorry you missed it!:-)

iGoLogic Innovation over Cupertino YMCA - Primo 3-2

  • Dennis over David 3:2 (11-9,6-11,11-5,10-12,13-11)
  • Wayne lost to Fernando 2:3 (3-11,11-4,10-12,14-12,9-11)
  • Dennis/Brian to David/Mark 2:3 (8-11,12-10,5-11,11-5,8-11)
  • Wayne over Mark 3:2 (10-12,11-7,11-8,3-11,11-5)
  • Brian over Fernando 3:1 (14-12,11-8,14-16,11-7)

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