2008 BATTF League

On January 2, 2008, I emailed to all the people that I could think of that might be interested in bay area table tennis the possibility of forming our very own BATTF League. Here were my reasons in that email: (the complete email can be found here)

  • NATT/USATT did not pay enough attention to the League. (Exhibition A (as of 1/9/2008) - on the "How it Works!" page in the USATT Team League website, all dates are still for the previous season.)
  • Very little information for the 2008 season on USATT Team League site.
  • I registered one of MSC teams and found that it was not listed on the "Registered Teams" link. It was not on the "My Team" link either - even after I logged onto the site.
  • As of now, it seems NATT/USATT has abandoned the Team League project. (somehow, the scene from "I am Legend" popped into my head when I visited the USATT Team website:-))
  • If we do have our own BATTF league, we have only lost the "promised" playoff at the US Open. However, I don't consider the national title as all that prestigious anyway. (based on the experience from last season)
  • We did all the heavy lifting last season and I believe everyone would proudly agree that we were very successful. I believe we can repeat these results - possibly even exceed them.
The response was encouraging. So far, we have 29 teams (click to see the teams) signed up from nine clubs! It seems that the first BATTF League is on the way!

I carbon copied the email to NATT/USATT about the decision and have not heard from them. I think the silence is deafening. Note that we still want to support USATT League. When they are ready, we shall go back.

I have nominated Stefan Feth(Palo Alto Club), Rajul Sheth(Indian Community Center), Fernando Chang(YMCA- Cupertino), and Mark Johnson(Milpitas Sports Center) to form the BATTF Board of Advisers.(BOA) I, Bruce H. Liu, assumed the chairperson position of BOA for the moment. We don't have a bylaw now but I think we will try our very best to promote the sport. After we kick off the 2008 season, we can make it more formal and professional.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. My email is bay_tt @ yahoo.com. You can also post your questions to the BATTF Group.

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