Financial Status Report

  • Sorry that it took so long to post this. Things have been hectic for the past few weeks.
  • $2000 - beginning balance
    $414.21 - food and beverage for the 6/30 BBQ
    $696.89 - 74 tshirts w/ Alpine Awards
    (not time to find better deal)
    $181.32 - BATTF trophies
    $485.00 - 32 paid BBQ participants + $5 contribution from Dennis Davis
    $1192.58 - ending Balance
  • Michael Boot is working on a meeting during the Joola Extravaganza tournament in Walnut Creek in 8/4-5. More info will be posted by Michael. NATT will have someone attend the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend. If you can not, you are welcome to email me or post your thoughts to the BATTF mailing list.
  • Also, BATTF won 4 out of 5 divisions in Las Vegas. We should keep it up for the next season. Here are some photos.

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Elite Division Highlight Video


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