The Peter Chen Saga Continues...

Peter never ceased to amaze me!

No, this is not about him being inducted to the California TT Hall of Fame in south California last weekend. This is about the recent Golden Gate Open in Concord!

Let me ask a question. How many matches do you normally play in a tournament? Peter entered the first day of the tournament in 4 events and played 20 matches! He won 3 events and had one quarter-final appearance as stated in a previous post. If you think you can do that too, please wait until you are 70 to say so.:-) But exactly how well he did? Sit tight! It was a stunning 19:1 record - only lost one match to Jackie Lee in 4. (-9,8,5,9) As a result, Peter gained 99 rating points and made him 2212. By the way, Peter was over 2311 before but he did it when he was younger. (in 2004, at age of 67)

Isn't table tennis a true life-time sport?

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