League Update and the Future

I think we have a wonderful season thanks to all participants. Now that we already concluded the season, we need to think about the future.

Stefan proposed that we have a lunch/dinner meeting to discuss what we can do to move forward before the US Open. Everyone is invited. We would like to hear that you like and dislike about the first season. It seems that there will be two unsanctioned tournament on 6/16 and 6/23-24. Let's shoot for June 30 at 7:30PM. We will need the number in order to book a place that we can eat and talk. Please let me know if you will come by the end of June 10. We definitely need the number to make reservation. Once we decide the location, we will inform you right away. Most likely it will be in the South Bay or Peninsula that is closer to most of the players.

Participants will pay for the meal, probably $15 or so. The trophies for top 2 finishers for each division will be awarded and the League t-shirts will be available at the time. All team members plus manager/coach go to the US Open for the playoff will also get the League t-shirts.

I don't think we will have the all-star exhibition as we discussed in the beginning of the season. Well, unless someone is volunteer to organize it.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

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