League Player Peter Chen

(Peter Chen Fan Club at 2001 US Nationals in Las Vegas)

Peter Chen will be inducted into the California Table Tennis Hall of Fame this coming weekend at the Meiklejohn North American Seniors Open Table Tennis Tournament.

Peter just turned 70 this year. However, do not let his age fool you. He just played the Golden Gate Open in the Memorial weekend in Concord. Not only he won Over 40 and Over 60 senior events, he also won the U2150 event! U2150 was probably the most competitive event for the tournament. (71 players competing in the event) He was undiscriminating in age too. Here is who he beat after the round robin:
  • 16's: bye
  • 8's: David Chow, a promising teenager
  • quarter-final: Carl Danner, a well-known coach in his late 40's
  • semi-final: Dennis Yi, the top seed of the event in his 20's
  • final: Nelson Yu, another BATTF player who always wins something in the tournament, in his 30's
I consider some players lucky that Peter did not play on Sunday. Otherwise, the list of casualties could have been longer. (Open, U2300, Over 50 and Over 70 were on Sunday)

Oh, by the way, Peter made the quarter-final in the U2500 event, too!

Congratulations to Peter!

More info are available at: http://www.milpitas-tabletennis.com/Peter_Chen/

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Winnie said...

Thank you all for being apart of my uncle Peter's fanclub! This is so cool to be able to find him online. He's not that computer savvy so I took it upon myself to email all our cousins about him. Keep up the great news!

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