4/15 U1500 SF Chinatown TTC and Cupertino Y Defenders

(left to right: Kip Leung, KaKit Lee, Simon Cai, You-Chien Koe, Ron Ohlfs, Mario D'Ortenzio, Krish Suresh not available for photo at the time)

SF Chinatown TTC over Cupertino Y Defenders 5-0

  • Simon Kai over Krish Suresh 3:1 (-8,7,-7,-9)
  • Kip Leung over Mario D'Ortenzio 3:0 (6,8,7)
  • Kip Leung/KaKit Lee over Krish Suresh/You-Chien Koe 3:2 (9,4-7,-5,6)
  • KaKit Lee over Mario D'Ortenzio 3:1 (8,-11,6,4)
  • Simon Cai over You-Chien Koe 3:1 (5,-7,8,9)

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