4/14 U2200 Reno Aces and Cupertino Y Primo

(left to right: Fernando Chang, Wei Chen, David Chu, Antony Chen, Michael Barlow, Mert Calgar)

Reno Aces lost to Cupertino Y - Primo 1-4

  • Mert Calgar over Fernando Chang 3:0 (5,4,7)
  • Antony Chen lost to David Chu 0:3 (-4,-5,-9)
  • Michael Low/Antony lost to Wei Chen/Fernando 1:3 (-5,7,-4,-4)
  • Mert Calgar lost to Wei Chen 1:3 (6,-9,-8,-7)
  • Michael Low lost to David Chu 0:3 (-9,-8,-7)

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