4/13, Friday the 13th, Open Division MSC - the Impossibles at SF CRS

(left to right: Lewis Wei, Wayne Kuang, Terry Tam, Spencer Chase, Bo Ding, Michael Sung, Ming Zhang)

It started so well for the Impossibles in the beginning. It was the last day of the spring break. Michael, Ming, Bo, and Bruce met at Palo Alto at about 6:20PM. The traffic was incredibly light on a Friday evening. They arrived the SF TTC at Potrero Hill a little bit after 7PM. The club was empty at the time except two people were practicing Japanese swords.

The Potrero Hill club has improved a lot for the last couple of years. The light was great. The wood floor was old but more than adequate for table tennis. Also, outside the club, the view was awesome. You can see the beautiful San Francisco skyline there.

The tie started at 8PM. Michael played Spencer in the first match. Although Spencer played very well as he has been lately, no problem, Michael took Spencer down 3:1.

Ming lost to Wayne Kuang a few years ago in the only match they ever played. This time, Ming returned the favor. His loop was too much for Wayne - 2-0 for the Impossibles.

It looked pretty good in the beginning of the doubles. Bo/Ming won the first game 11:8. Terry Tam returned only one serve from Bo the whole game. However, the second game was different. Spencer seemed to be able to handle Bo's wicked serve. They also turned up the heat and attacked aggressively and won the second game at 6.

It was 1:1. Both pairs fought their guts out in the third game. It was 9:9 - Bo's serve. Oops! Bo missed his first serve of the night and eventually the game 9:11. That put Ming and Bo's backs on the wall. Did not know what they told each other after the second game. It worked! They turned the table completely in the fourth game - only allowed three points for the game. However, Terry/Spencer prevailed at the end winning the game 11:8 and took the match.

No big deal. The Impossible was still up 2-1. It was Michael's turn to play Terry Tam. Michael played like a tiger in the beginning of the first game. Scored points at will and had a quick lead of 9:3. Mysteriously, his engine sputtered. He ended up lost the game 11:13. Michael recouped in the second game and quickly had a big lead again. However, Terry refused to go away and mounted his comeback from 6:10 to deuce the game! Now players of the Impossibles showed some concerns while the CRS players cheered like crazy. Michael finally denied Terry's comeback and won the game 14:12. Whew! What a relief!

Terry wasn't discouraged though. He fought in the 3rd game and took the lead an 8:4 lead. Michael fought back to even it at 8:8 but missed the last three points quickly. Michael found his rhythm in the fourth game and only allowed Terry scored twice. However, it was not Michael's day. His often reliable loop was on and off throughout the match. Unfortunately, at the end it was off. Terry won the match and evened the tie to 2-2!

Okay, it was Bo Ding and Wayne Kuang for the decisive match. Turned out a great one, too. Wayne seemed to be able to return Bo's side-top serve well. In addition, his great mid-stance court coverage rendered Bo's close-to-the-table block less effective. Wayne won the first two games. Bo changed his strategy in the third game. He started to attack the third ball and it worked beautifully. Bo fought off several Wayne matches points and won the game 15:13! Bo continued his strategy in the fourth game but Wayne also made adjustment and won the cliffhanging forth game at 15:13!

San Francisco CRS played well. However, some Impossibles murmured on their way back suspecting it was all because of the evil spirits on Friday the 13th.

MSC - the Impossibles lost to San Francisco CRS 2-3

  • Michael Sung over Spencer Chase 3:1 (-10,10,8,8)
  • Ming Zhang over Wayne Kuang 3:1 (6,-8,10,11)
  • Mng/Bo Ding lost to Spencer/Terry Tam 2:3 (8,-6,-9,3,-8)
  • Michael Sung lost to Terry Tam 2:3 (-11,12,-8,2,-7)
  • Bo Ding lost to Wayne Kuang 1:3 (-9,-8,13,-13)

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