4/30 U1900 Palo Alto 4 and Classic Hardbats

Palo Alto Team 4 over the Classic Hardbats 3-2

  • Steve Reiling over Dan Marinas 3:0 (5,5,10)
  • Natalie Sun lost to Robert Palgon 1:3 (-8,8,-7,-10)
  • Natalie Sun/Lily Zhang over Dan Marinas/Michael Marinas 3:0 (6,3,4)
  • Lily Zhang over Robert Palgon 3:1 (-7,8,8,7)
  • Steve Reiling lost to Mike Marinas 0:3 (-8,-8,-5)

4/29 U1900 MSCTT Team A at Palo Alto Team 4

(Steve Reiling, Vivek Ramakrishnan, Steven Li, Qingmin Liu, HyungMing Kim, Brian Kim, Barry Or)

Palo Alto Team 4 lost to MSCTT Team A 0-5

  • Steven Li lost to QingMin Liu 1:3 (11-9,6-11,5-11,7-11)
  • Steve Reiling lost to Brian Kim 1:3 (11-6,3-11,8-11,2-11)
  • Steven Li/Vivek Ramakrishnan lost to QingMin Liu/HyungMing Kim 1:3 (11-13,7-11,11-4,6-11)
  • Steve Reiling lost to HyungMin Kim 0:3 (7-11,9-11,7-11)
  • Vivek Ramakrishnan lost to Brian Kim 0:3 (4-11,5-11,7-11)

4/29 U1900 Team Concord at Classic Hardbats

The Classic Hardbats over Team Concord 4-1

  • David Su lost to Peter Chung 2:3 (-7,9,-3,7,-7)
  • John Lam over Do Tran 3:0 (3,9,9)
  • David Su/Robert Palgon over Do Tran/Ed Baxter 3:0 (8,3,5)
  • Robert Palgon over Ed Baxter 3:0 (4,6,2)
  • John Lam over Peter Chung 3:1 (-8,8,13,6)

4/28 Open Division Lincoln Square TT at MSC - the Impossibles

MSC - the Impossibles over Lincoln Square TT 4-1

  • Michael Sung over Kock Loe 3:2 (-5,-9,6,8,1)
  • Shing-Sui Henry Sit lost to Parry Husbands 0:3 (-9,-8,-9)
  • Nelson Yu/Michael Sung over Parry Husbands/Kingston Gee 3:0 (9,8,9)
  • Henry Sit over Kingston Gee 3:0 (13,4,5)
  • Nelson Yu over Kock Loe 3:1 (-8,8,8,6)

* Lincoln only sent two players on their roster. Kingston filled in so that they could play all five matches.

4/17 Open Division SF CRS at Lincoln Square TT

Lincoln Square TT over SF CRS 3-2

  • Parry Husbands def Spencer Chase 3:1
  • Kock Loe lost to Peter Chen 2:3
  • Parry Husbands/Johnny Huang def Spencer Chase/Terry Tam 3:2
  • Johnny Huang lost to Peter Chen 0:3
  • Kock Loe def Terry Tam 3:2

4/22 U1900 iGoLogic Innovation at Palo Alto Team 4

(left to right: Brian Chen, Natalie Sun, Lily Zhang, Winston Chen, Barry Or, Mark Johnson)

Winning the tie, iGoLogic Innovation clinched the playoff! Viva Las Vega!

Palo Alto Team 4 lost to iGoLogic Innovation 0-5

  • Lily Zhang lost to Winston Chen 1:3 (7,-9,-9,-11)
  • Brian Chen lost to Barry Or 1:3 (-5,9,-8,-8)
  • Brian Chen/Natalie Sun lost to Mark Johnson/Barry Or 0:3 (-6,-6,-10)
  • Lily Zhang lost to Mark Johnson 2:3 (11,-1,-4,10,-5)
  • Natalie Sun lost to Winston Chen 1:3 (-5,8,-8,4)

4/21 Open Division MSC - the Impossibles at Palo Alto Team 2

(left to right: Michael Sung, Joey Hu, Nelson Yu, Lily Zhang, Whitney Ping, Ariel Hsing)

MSC - the Impossibles lost to Palo Alto Team 2 2-3

  • Joey Hu lost to Whitney Ping 1:3 (-5,-15,8,-13)
  • Michael Sung lost to Ariel Hsing 0:3 (-7,-14,-10)
  • Nelson Yu/Joey Hu over Ariel Hsing/Lily Zhang 3:0 (8,7,3)
  • Michael Sung over Lily Zhang 3:0 (10,9,8)
  • Nelson Yu lost to Whitney Ping 2:3 (7,9,-7,-6,-6)

4/15 U1900 Palo Alto Team 4 at Concord

(Photos courtesy of CBS)

Palo Alto Team 4 over Team Concord 3-1

  • Brian Chen over Ed Baxter 3:1 (5,-10,6,5)
  • Steven Li lost to Dan Bruno 1:3 (-9,-9,8,-7)
  • Steven Li/Steven Reiling over Yau-man Chan/Ed Baxter 3:1 (5,-9,1,8)
  • Concord's Yau-man Chan, aka the Survivor, defaulted due to injury.
  • Fifth match was not played.

4/17 U1900 ICC Team 3 at iGoLogic Innovation

(left to right: Wen Huang, Peter Tsang, Mark Johnson, Barry Or, Gary Fang, Praful Bhaidasna, Nash Darukhanawal, Ankur Patel)

iGoLogic Innovation over ICC Team 3 3-2

  • Gary Fang over Ankur Patel 3:1 (-6,6,6,7)
  • Barry Or lost to Praful Bhaidasna 2:3 (13,10,-7,-11,8)
  • Barry Or/Mark Johnson over Ankur Patel/Nash Darukhanawal 3:2 (8,-9,7,-9,7)
  • Gary Fang over Nash Darukhanawal 3:2 (11,-10,6,-6,7)
  • Mark Johnson lost to Praful Bhaidasna 0:3 (-6,-7,-9)

4/15 U1500 SF Chinatown TTC and Cupertino Y Defenders

(left to right: Kip Leung, KaKit Lee, Simon Cai, You-Chien Koe, Ron Ohlfs, Mario D'Ortenzio, Krish Suresh not available for photo at the time)

SF Chinatown TTC over Cupertino Y Defenders 5-0

  • Simon Kai over Krish Suresh 3:1 (-8,7,-7,-9)
  • Kip Leung over Mario D'Ortenzio 3:0 (6,8,7)
  • Kip Leung/KaKit Lee over Krish Suresh/You-Chien Koe 3:2 (9,4-7,-5,6)
  • KaKit Lee over Mario D'Ortenzio 3:1 (8,-11,6,4)
  • Simon Cai over You-Chien Koe 3:1 (5,-7,8,9)

4/15 U1500 Reno Royals and SF Chinatown TTC

Reno Royals lost to San Francisco Chinatown TTC 1-4

  • Al Ferrenberg lost to Kip Leung 0:3 (-8,-9,-5)
  • Carl Barlow lost to Simon Cai 0:3 (-9,-7,-7)
  • Al Ferrenberg/Billy Paulson over Kip Leung/KaKit Lee 3:2 (-8,8,9,-6,4)
  • Carl Barlow lost to KaKit Lee 0:3 (-9,-5,-4)
  • Billie Paulson lost to Simon Cai 1:3 (-6,-5,9,-5)

4/15 U1500 Reno Royals and Cupertino Y Defenders

(left to right: Mario D'Ortenzio, You-Chien Koe, Krish Suresh, Billie Paulson, Al Ferrenberg, Carl Barlow)

Reno Royals lost to Cupertino Y Defenders 2-3

Al Ferrenberg over Mario D'Ortenzio 3:2 (-7,-5,9,8,6)
Carl Barlow lost to Krish Suresh 2:3 (-8,7,-7,-9)
Carl Barlow/Billie Paulson lost to Krish Suresh/You-Chien Koe 0:3 (-8,-4,-9)
Al Ferrenberg over You-Chien Koe 3:1 (5,7,13)
Billie Paulson lost to Mario D'Ortenzio 0:3 (-5,-5,-3)

4/14 Open Division Lincoln Square TT at Palo Alto Team 1

(left to right: Sean Lee, James Guo, Khoa Nguyen, Sara Fu, Misha Kazantsev, Parry Husbands)
(Palo Alto's cheer leaders: Atha Fong, Kyna Fong, Whitney Ping, Nan Li)

Palo Alto Team 1 over Lincoln Square TT 5-0

  • James Guo over Mish Kazantsev 3:0 (9,2,6)
  • Khoa Nguyen over Freddie Gabriel 3:0 (no show)
  • James Guo/Sara Fu over Parry Husbands/Misha 3:1 (6,4,-1,6)
  • Khoa Nguyen over Parry Husbands 3:0 (7,4,4)
  • Sara Fu over Freddie Gabriel 3:0 (no show)

4/14 U2200 Palo Alto Team 3 and Reno Aces

(left to right: Mert Calgar, Michael Barlow, Antony Chen, Steve Reiling, Christian Morsing, Henry Kwong)

Palo Alto Team 3 over Reno Aces 4-1

  • Christian Morsing over Mert Calgar 3:0 (12,8,7)
  • Henry Kwong over Antony Chen 3:0 (5,6,2)
  • Steve Reiling/Henry over Michael Low/Antony 3:2 (6,5,-8,-6,9)
  • Christian Morsing over Michael Low 3:0 (4,6,1)
  • Steve Reiling lost to Mert Calgar 0:3 (-9,-6,-6)

4/14 U2200 Reno Aces and Cupertino Y Primo

(left to right: Fernando Chang, Wei Chen, David Chu, Antony Chen, Michael Barlow, Mert Calgar)

Reno Aces lost to Cupertino Y - Primo 1-4

  • Mert Calgar over Fernando Chang 3:0 (5,4,7)
  • Antony Chen lost to David Chu 0:3 (-4,-5,-9)
  • Michael Low/Antony lost to Wei Chen/Fernando 1:3 (-5,7,-4,-4)
  • Mert Calgar lost to Wei Chen 1:3 (6,-9,-8,-7)
  • Michael Low lost to David Chu 0:3 (-9,-8,-7)

4/14 U2200 Reno Aces and MSC - the Incredibles

(left to right: Michael Low, Antony Chen, Mert Calgar, Ming Zhang, Voltaire Benedicto, Henry Sit)

Reno Aces lost to MSC - the Incredibles 1-4

  • Mert Calgar lost to Henry Shing-Sui Sit 1:3 (-4,-8,5,-7)
  • Antony Chen lost to Voltaire Benedicto 0:3 (-1,-9,-7)
  • Michael Low/Antony lost to Ming Zhang/Henry 0:3 (-5,-9,-4)
  • Mert Calgar over Ming Zhang 3:2 (14,-6,9,-10,6)
  • Michael Low lost to Voltaire Benedicto 0:3 (-6,-7,-4)

4/14 U2200 Reno Aces and iGoLogic Inspiration

(left to right: Michael Liu, Dan Lin, Barry Or, Mert Calgar, Michael Low, Antony Chen)

Reno Royals lost to iGoLogic Inspiration 2-3

  • Mert Caglar over Michael Liu 3:2 (16,3,-10,-8,9)
  • Antony Chen lost to Dan Lin 0:3 (-5,-6,-9)
  • Michael Low/Mert lost to Barry Or/Dan Lin 0:3 (-3,-6,-9)
  • Mert Caglar over Barry Or 3:0 (4,8,4)
  • Michael Low lost to Michael Liu 0:3 (-6,-5,-2)

4/14 U1500 Reno Royals and CNetwork

(Left to right: Carl Barlow, Allen Ferrenberg, Billie Paulson, Moses Wang, Khoa Ho, Esther Chan)

CNetwork lost to Reno Royals 2-3

  • Khoa Ho over Billie Paulson 3:0 (4,12,8)
  • Esther Chan lost to Allan Ferrenberg 0:3 (-10,-5,-5)
  • Moses Wang/Esther lost to Carl Barlow/Allen 2:3 (9,-10,-4,3,-6)
  • Khoa Ho over Carl Barlow 3:0 (5,7,5)
  • Moses Wang lost to Billie Paulson 0:3 (-6,-6,-7)

4/14 U1500 Reno Royals and ICC TT Team 2

(left to right: Billie Paulson, Carl Barlow, Allan Ferrenberg, Indri Hari Yante, Venkata Tangirala, Ram Gollapudi)

Reno Royals lost to ICC TT Team 2 2-3

  • Allan Ferrenberg lost to Indri Hari Yante 2:3 (-11,9,4,-5,-8)
  • Carl Barlow lost to Venkata Tangirala 0:3 (-2,-7,-7)
  • Billie Paulson/Allan over Ram Gollapudi/Venkata 3:2 (2,7,-6,-7,7)
  • Carl Barlow over Ram Gollapudi 3:2 (7,-10,-7,2,3)
  • Billie Paulson lost to Indri Hari Yante 0:3 (-5,-10,-9)

4/14 U1500 Reno Royals and Palo Alto Team 5

(left to right: Simon Sheynkman, Vuong Mai, Tri Mai, Billie Paulson, Carl Barlow, Allen Ferrenberg)

Reno Royals lost to Palo Alto Team 5 1-4

  • Carl Barlow lost to Simon Sheynkman 1:3 (-11,-7,12,-1)
  • Billie Paulson lost to Vuong Mai 2:3 (9,4,-9,-5,-5)
  • Allen Ferrenberg/Billie lost to Vuong/Tri Mai 2:3 (-9,-2,9,5,-6)
  • Carl Barlow lost to Tri Mai 0:3 (-4,-3,-1)
  • Allen Ferrenberg over Simon Sheynkman 3:1 (1,8,-3,11)

4/14 U1900 Classic Hardbats at Cupertino Y Exige

(Left to right: Xiaohan Huang, Chew Wong, George Zhao, Michael Marinas, John Lam, Bob Palgon)

Writeup by Bob Palgon:

Yesterday, April 14th, at the Cupertino YMCA, a facility just three short minutes from the fabled Cupertino Sports Center (and its hardbat-hallowed Multi-Purpose Room), your Classic Hardbats took on the Cupertino Y Exige in their spacious and air-conditioned Family Pavilion.

This was the return engagement for the two teams. George Zhao, Xiaohan Huang, and Chew Wong were once again representing Cupertino, while our team, this time, consisted of John Lam, Mike Marinas – and a fill-in for the scheduled Dan Marinas (who unfortunately had to work overtime) – Bob Palgon.

You will recall that when the two teams met before, Al Papp heroically rallyed back from 5-9 down in the fifth game of the fifth and deciding match of the tie to beat George Zhao and the Cupertino team 3-2.

This time, the tie outcome was the same, that is, 3-2 in favor of us, however I regret to report that George Zhao – hell-bent on getting revenge, but relieved to see that Al did not show-up – turned his avenging-soul in my direction – inappropriately I believe, beating me soundly in the opening singles match 3-1, (12,8,-4,6). Damn you, Al.

In the second singles match, John mainly cruised to a 3-1, (4,4,-7,7) win, although the 3rd game got away from him as Xiaohan became more patient and out-steadied John in a pushing contest. But John returned to form in the 4th game and though some of us were worried, John later said that, as far as he was concerned, the 4th game and match were “never in doubt”.

In the doubles that followed, Mike and I battled the two Georges, however when the smoke cleared, the two Georges prevailed 3-1, (9,-7,7,8). It must have been a funny sight to watch us play doubles with Mike playing so far from the table, and me on top of it, switching in and out. Anyway we had fun and had a few good points, although I remember my poor choices a lot more than my winning ones.

At this point, Cupertino was up 2-1, and things looked bleak for our side, but Michael was up to the task. In the third singles, he beat Xiaohan 3-0,
(10,9,9). Though Michael won in three straight, this hardly reflects the kind of match it was. In truth, the game-scores rather than the match-score, more accurately portray the real nip-and-tuck, hard-fought battle this was. Indeed, the lead changed hands on virtually every service change-over of every game.

Most of the points were long, with Mike under-spinning, side-spinning & pick-hitting with his lefthanded-forehand and righthanded-backhand – I think. (It’s really tough to remember his hand-switches even two points after he made them.) Many times Mike worked himself into a position to hit a righty forehand slam but he repeatedly refrained because he had lost confidence in it earlier. Not knowing this, I kept thinking to myself – as Hermann often does about my play, “Why doesn’t he just hit it?”.

But sticking to his game-plan turned out to be a winning strategy for Mike. It was a tough, tough fight and a helluva win. In my opinion – and I found out later, in Mike’s opinion as well -- this was a match that he could easily have lost had he played with even an ounce less fortitude or even a little less intelligence. Nicely done, Michael!

(I think I would be remiss if I didn’t at this point take the opportunity to add parenthetically that not all great matches, Al, have to go five games.)
So, after Mike’s terrific match, the tie was knotted at 2-2, with just one more singles match to play: John Lam vs Chew Wong.

John did not fail us. He played again with confidence and won 3-0 (4,8,11). It seemed to me that had it been a 4 out of 7 series, perhaps Chew would have taken a few games because – as the scores show – Chew was increasingly making effective adjustments as the match wore on. To hear John tell it, of course, John just let the last game go to deuce to make the match more interesting. We believe you, John.

So, in the end as I said at the beginning, the Classic Hardbats won the tie 3-2. And while it is true that John won his two singles and therefore probably deserves some major part of the credit for our winning the tie, I believe the lion’s share of the credit should rightfully go to
Michael – first, for winning his match and second, for insisting – as David Su once advised – that we put our strongest player in the number 2 slot, which we
did. As a consequence, John wound up playing their second and third rated players rather than their first, plus he got to play the fifth and deciding match.

As you can no doubt tell, my personal contribution was to lose both my matches to enable others the opportunity to be heroic. Alas, I too often function in this capacity -- but at least I can honestly say when people ask about my contribution, “Oh, it was nothing.”

The Classic Hardbats over Cupertino Y Exige 3-2

  • George Zhao over Bob Palgon 3:1 (12,8,-4,6)
  • Xiaohan Huang lost to John Lam 1:3 (-4,-4,7,-7)
  • George Zhao/Chew Wong over Bob Palgon/Michael Marinas 3:1 (9,-7,7,8)
  • Xiaohan Huang lost to Michael Marinas 0:3 (-10,-9,-9)
  • Chew Wong lost to John Lam 0:3 (-4,-8,-11)

4/13, Friday the 13th, Open Division MSC - the Impossibles at SF CRS

(left to right: Lewis Wei, Wayne Kuang, Terry Tam, Spencer Chase, Bo Ding, Michael Sung, Ming Zhang)

It started so well for the Impossibles in the beginning. It was the last day of the spring break. Michael, Ming, Bo, and Bruce met at Palo Alto at about 6:20PM. The traffic was incredibly light on a Friday evening. They arrived the SF TTC at Potrero Hill a little bit after 7PM. The club was empty at the time except two people were practicing Japanese swords.

The Potrero Hill club has improved a lot for the last couple of years. The light was great. The wood floor was old but more than adequate for table tennis. Also, outside the club, the view was awesome. You can see the beautiful San Francisco skyline there.

The tie started at 8PM. Michael played Spencer in the first match. Although Spencer played very well as he has been lately, no problem, Michael took Spencer down 3:1.

Ming lost to Wayne Kuang a few years ago in the only match they ever played. This time, Ming returned the favor. His loop was too much for Wayne - 2-0 for the Impossibles.

It looked pretty good in the beginning of the doubles. Bo/Ming won the first game 11:8. Terry Tam returned only one serve from Bo the whole game. However, the second game was different. Spencer seemed to be able to handle Bo's wicked serve. They also turned up the heat and attacked aggressively and won the second game at 6.

It was 1:1. Both pairs fought their guts out in the third game. It was 9:9 - Bo's serve. Oops! Bo missed his first serve of the night and eventually the game 9:11. That put Ming and Bo's backs on the wall. Did not know what they told each other after the second game. It worked! They turned the table completely in the fourth game - only allowed three points for the game. However, Terry/Spencer prevailed at the end winning the game 11:8 and took the match.

No big deal. The Impossible was still up 2-1. It was Michael's turn to play Terry Tam. Michael played like a tiger in the beginning of the first game. Scored points at will and had a quick lead of 9:3. Mysteriously, his engine sputtered. He ended up lost the game 11:13. Michael recouped in the second game and quickly had a big lead again. However, Terry refused to go away and mounted his comeback from 6:10 to deuce the game! Now players of the Impossibles showed some concerns while the CRS players cheered like crazy. Michael finally denied Terry's comeback and won the game 14:12. Whew! What a relief!

Terry wasn't discouraged though. He fought in the 3rd game and took the lead an 8:4 lead. Michael fought back to even it at 8:8 but missed the last three points quickly. Michael found his rhythm in the fourth game and only allowed Terry scored twice. However, it was not Michael's day. His often reliable loop was on and off throughout the match. Unfortunately, at the end it was off. Terry won the match and evened the tie to 2-2!

Okay, it was Bo Ding and Wayne Kuang for the decisive match. Turned out a great one, too. Wayne seemed to be able to return Bo's side-top serve well. In addition, his great mid-stance court coverage rendered Bo's close-to-the-table block less effective. Wayne won the first two games. Bo changed his strategy in the third game. He started to attack the third ball and it worked beautifully. Bo fought off several Wayne matches points and won the game 15:13! Bo continued his strategy in the fourth game but Wayne also made adjustment and won the cliffhanging forth game at 15:13!

San Francisco CRS played well. However, some Impossibles murmured on their way back suspecting it was all because of the evil spirits on Friday the 13th.

MSC - the Impossibles lost to San Francisco CRS 2-3

  • Michael Sung over Spencer Chase 3:1 (-10,10,8,8)
  • Ming Zhang over Wayne Kuang 3:1 (6,-8,10,11)
  • Mng/Bo Ding lost to Spencer/Terry Tam 2:3 (8,-6,-9,3,-8)
  • Michael Sung lost to Terry Tam 2:3 (-11,12,-8,2,-7)
  • Bo Ding lost to Wayne Kuang 1:3 (-9,-8,13,-13)

4/7 U1000 Lincoln Square TT Juniors at ICC TT Team

Two tied were played.

ICC Team A beat Lincoln square Team A 4-1

  • Arjun Desai beat David Zeng 3:0
  • Eshaan Bhalla beat Bryan Gee 3:0
  • Prachi/Eshaan lost to Bryan/Carson 2:3
  • Prachi Jha beat David Zeng 3:0
  • Arjun Desai beat Carson 3:1

ICC Team B beat Lincoln square Team B 5-0
  • Kevin Tran beat Jacky Labins 3:2
  • Aarsh Vyas beat Kenny Wong 3:1
  • Aarsh/Aarsh beat Kenny/Kevin 3:1
  • Aarsh shah beat Jacky Labins 3:2
  • Kevin Tran beat Kevin Wong 3:2

4/8 U1900 ICC Team 3 at Palo Alto Team 4

Palo Alto Team 4 lost to ICC Team 3 0-5

  • Steven Li lost to Ankur Patel 2:3 (4,-12,-8,8,8)
  • Vivek Ramakrishnan lost to Praful 0:3 (2,4,6)
  • Vivek/Brian Chen lost to Ankur/Nash Darukhanawalla 0:3 (8,7,8)
  • Steven lost to Nash 0:3 (8,4,7)
  • Brian lost to Praful 0:3 (6,4,6)

4/7 U1900 Team Concord at ICC Team 3

ICC Team 3 over Team Concord 5-0

  • Praful Bhaidasna over Do Tran 3:0 (3,8,11)
  • Ankur Patel over Yau-Man Chan 3:1 (-8,4,4,8)
  • Ankur/Nash Darukhanawalla over Yau-Man/Peter Chung 3:0 (3,6,6)
  • Praful over Peter Chung 3:1 (5,8,-9,9)
  • Nash over Do Tran 3:1 (-8,12,5,2)

League Players Won in Canada

(Photos courtesy of Gerry Chua)

In the 2007 Stiga North American Championships, USA beat Canada in the Cadet Girls team event. In the team event, Ariel won both her matches and Lily won one. (both undefeated) Ariel also won the individual event while Lily stopped at the semi-final.

Canada lost to USA 2-3
  • CHU, Su Yuri over LAN, Janice 3:1 (8, 10, -8, 5)

  • GARNIER-ST-AUBIN, Éloïse lost to HSING, Ariel 1:3 (12, -7, -8, -9)
  • HSIEN, Peggy lost to ZHANG, Lily 0:3 (-2, -7, -11)

  • GARNIER-ST-AUBIN, Éloïse over LAN, Janice 3:2 (6, -6, -9, 7, 0)
  • CHU, Su Yuri X HSING, Ariel 2:3 (8, 9, -5, -8, -6)

4/7 U1900 Cupertino Y Exige at iGoLogic Innovation

(left to right: George Zhao, Chew Wong, XiaoHan Huang, Barry Or, Peter Tsang, Mark Johnson)

iGoLogic Innovation over Cupertino Y Exige 5-0

  • Barry Or over Chew Wong 3:0 (9,12,12)
  • Peter Tsang over George Zhao 3:1 (-9,9,7,5)
  • Barry Or/Mark Johnson over George Zhao/XiaoHan Huang 3:1 (-8,8,12,6)
  • Peter Tsang over XiaoHan Huang3:2 (4,-6,-8,7,5)
  • Mark Johnson over Chew Wong 3:1 (-8,5,3,6)

4/6 Open Division Palo Alto Team 2 at SFCRS

(left to right: Charles Smith, Lewis Wei, Spencer Chase, Terry Tam, Wayne Kuang, Christian Morsing, Wim Coekaerts, Kyna Fong)

Palo Alto Team 2 lost to San Francisco CRS 1-4

  • Kyna Fong lost to Spencer Chase 1:3 (-12,-9,6,-9)
  • Christian Morsing over Wayne Kuang 3:1 (5,-7,6,7)
  • Kyna Fong/Wim Coekaerts lost to Spencer Chase/Terry Tam 1:3 (10,-8,-10,-12)
  • Christian Morsing lost to Terry Tam 1:3 (-9,-5,7,-8)
  • Wim Coekaerts lost to Wayne Kuang 0:3 (-5,-7,-5)

4/4 Open Division Palo Alto Team 1 at Lincoln Square TT

Lincoln Square TT lost to Palo Alto Team 1 1-3

  • Freddie Gabriel lost to James Guo 0:3 (5-11, 8-11, 9-11)
  • Misha Kazantsev over Khoa Nguyen 3:1 (12-10, 11-8, 10-12, 11-8)
  • Misha/Philip Lim lost to James/Sara Fu 2:3 (11-7, 7-11, 7-11, 11-9, 8-11)
  • Freddie Gabriel lost to Sara Fu 2:3 (9-11, 11-8, 6-11, 13-11, 9-11)

The top two teams in Open Division finally clashed. James, Sara, and Khoa have a combined rating of 7485 vs Freddie, Misha, and Philip's 7274. Lincoln Square will have another shot on 4/14 at Palo Alto's home court.

The fifth match wasn't completed due to the close of the recreation center.

4/3 U1900 MSCTT Team A vs iGoLogic Innovation

(left to right: Brian Kim, Gary Barretto, Qingmin Liu, Danny Hui, Michael Liu, Wen Huang, Gary Fang, Mark Johnson, Barry Or, Peter Tsang)

iGoLogic Innovation over MSCTT Team A 3-2

  • Wen Huang lost to Brian Kim 0-3 (-3,-9,-5)
  • Mark Johnson over Qingmin Liu 3:0 (5,7,10)
  • Michael Liu/Mark Johnson over Gary Barretto/Qingmin Liu 3:1 (8,7,-7,9)
  • Wen Huang over Gary Barretto 3:1 (-8,6,8,9)
  • Michael Liu lost to Brian Kim 1:3 (9,-9,-8,-8)

3/31 U1500 ICC Team 2 at SF Chinatown TTC

San Francisco Chinatown TTC over ICC Team 2 4-1

  • Simon Cai over Deepak Jain 3:0 (6,9,8)
  • Kakit Lee over Venkata Tangirala 3:0 (7,4,9)
  • Simon Cai/Jerry Li over Venkata Tangirala/Venkata Simhadri 3:1 (-9,9,4,4)
  • Kakit Lee over Venkata Simhadri 3:0 (11,12,8)
  • Jerry Li lost to Deepak Jain 0:3 (-4,-9,-5)

3/31 U1900 Team Concord at Cupertino Y Exige

(left to right: Homa Wong, Xiaohan Huang, George Zhao, Chew Wong, Danny Bruno, Ed Baxter, Peter Chung)

Cupertino Y Exige over Team Concord 5-0

  • Homa Wong over Ed Baxter 3:0 (6, 3, 4)
  • Xiaohan Huang over Peter Chung 3:2 (10, -8, -8, 11, 9)
  • George Zhao/Homa Waong over Dan Bruno/Ed Baxter 3:0 ( 12, 8, 10)
  • George Zhao over Peter Chung 3:0 (8, 6, 6)
  • Xiaohan Huang over Dan Bruno 3:1 (10, -8, 6, 10)

3/31 U2200 Palo Alto Team 3 at Cupertino Y Primo

(left to rigth: Henry Kwong, Ariel Hsing, Christian Morsing, David Chu, Wei Chen, Mark Kent, Fernando Chang)

Palo Alto Team 3 beat Cupertino Y-Primo 5-0

  • Ariel Hsing beat Mark Kent 3:1 (-6,8,6,5)
  • Henry Kwong beat Wei Chen 3:0 (8,9,4)
  • Christian Morsing/Henry Kwong beat David Chu/Mark Kent 3:0 (8,7,7)
  • Ariel Hsing beat David Chu 3:1 (7,6,-8,13)
  • Christian Morsing beat Wei Chen 3:1 (12,-7,11,5)

3/31 Lincoln Square TT at Palo Alto Team 2

Palo Alto Team 2 lost to Oakland Lincoln 1-4

  • Coleen Lee lost to Kock Loe 0:3 (-9,-7,-9)
  • Lily Zhang lost to Misha Kazantsev 2:3 (-3,7,-13,8,-8)
  • Coleen Lee/Wim Coekaerts over Kock Loe/Parry Husbands 3:2 (-9,-2,8,10,7)
  • Lily Zhang lost to Parry Husbands 0:3 (-7,-6,-7)
  • Wim Coekaerts lost to Misha Kazantsev 0:3 (-8,-4,-7)

3/31 U1500 CNetwork at Palo Alto Team 5

CNetwork lost to Palo Alto Team 5 4-1

  • Larry Lee lost to Steven Li 1:3 (12,-12,-7,-9)
  • Ron Wallace lost to Tri Mai 0:3 (-5,-10,-5)
  • Ron Wallace/Sam Kim lost to Tri Mai/Voung Mai 2:3 (-4,7,8,-8,-8)
  • Larry Lee over Vuong Mai 3:0 (5,9,5)
  • Sam Kim lost to Steven Li 1:3 (-8,-7,10,-4)

Elite Division Highlight Video


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