3/27 Open Division SF CRS at MSC - the Impossibles

(upper photo from left to right: Wayne Kuang, Terry Tam, Peter Chen, Nelson Yu, Joey Hu, Voltaire Benedicto, Henry Sit)

A surprise lineup from SF team. Peter Chen, Wayne Kuang, and Terry Tam came to MSC to play.

Voltaire played with Peter in the first match. Peter did not seem to be able to find his touch. He lost to Voltaire in 3 with only sparse resistance in the first two games. Most people have the impression that Peter doesn't need to warmup. However, after the match, Peter told me that he needed longer time to warmup. He did not in any way implied that it was why he lost. Voltaire's smart strategy was of course the main reason. Peter did warmup, after his match, in the adjacent table for about 30 minutes.

The second match was a battle. Joey and Wayne played a couple of times before and Wayne actually had the winning record. However, Joey decided to change that. He played really hard. He even stepped around to loop Wayne's underspin serve at least twice - something you don't see everyday.:-)

Nelson's trademark chicken-wing backhand gave his doubles opponents lots of trouble. With Joey's monstrous smash, they won the doubles and the tie for the Impossibles.

Although the last two matches were irrelevant to the tie, players were still in fighting spirits. Again, Nelson's chicken-wing backhand helped him defeated Peter. However, Peter obviously played better than his previous match. He blocked quite a few unbelievable shots from Nelson.

The fifth match was the most contested match. Terry played brilliantly and tried to avoid a clean sweep. However, Voltaire cruelly denied his effort by beating him 11:9 in the fifth.

So, that was it, right? No, players were so fascinated in Peter Chen's style. They lined up to challenge Peter for a friendly match. Henry Sit, Joey Hu, and even Peter's own teammate Terry Tam each played a match with Peter. It was at 9:30PM. By 10PM, Peter beat all 3 of them! If I remember correctly, all 3:0! That made Voltaire and Nelson a very satisfactory day.

San Francisco CRS lost to MSC - the Impossibles 0-5

  • Peter Chen lost to Voltaire Benedicto 0:3 (-8,-10,-5)
  • Wayny Kuang lost to Joey Hu 1:3 (13,-7,-4,-9)
  • Terry Tam/Wayne Kuang lost to Nelson Yu/Joey Hu 0:3 (-7,-11,-7)
  • Peter Chen lost to Nelson Yu 1:3 (-8,9,-9,-9)
  • Terry Tam lost to Voltaire Benedicto 2:3 (-7,15,-6,9,-9)

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