3/24 U1900 iGoLogic Innovation at Cupertino Y Exige

(left to right: Wen Huang, Winston Chen, Barry Or, Gary Fang, Homa Wong, Chew Wong, George Zhao, XiaoHan Huang)

Cupertion Y-Exige lost to iGoLogic Innovation 1-4

  • XiaoHan Huang lost to Wen Huang 1:3 (5,6,-13,7)
  • George Zhao lost to Gary Fang 1:3 (-9,6,4,9)
  • George Zhao/Home Wong beat Wen Huang/Winston Chen 3:1 (-7,8,6,10)
  • XiaoHan Huang lost to Winston Chen 1:3 (5,-10,5,10)
  • Home Wong lost to Gary Fang 0:3 (3,13,13)

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