3/10 U2200 Palo Alto Team 3 at MSC - the Incredibles

(left to right: Henry Kwong, Christian Morsing, Ariel Hsing, Joey Hu, Ming Zhang, Michael Sung)

The Incredibles won! However, not without some scary moments. Joey was stunned by Ariel in the first two games losing 8 and 4. He did not panic. Recoup himself to get the next two games. In the 5th and deciding game, Joey saved a couple of match points to tie the game 10 all. He even got a match point himself. however, Ariel held off the great effort by Joey and won the game 13:11! Good hustle from Joey, nevertheless. An advice to all league players. Be scared, be very scared when play with Ariel!

Ming had a little trouble in the first game in his match against Christian Morsing but won the following 3 games to even the tie at 1-1.

Ming and Michael played Ariel/Henry in the doubles match. Had a little bit of turbulence but won 3:1 anyway. 2-1, Incredibles.

Just when everyone thought it was over, well, everyone but Henry Kwong, Henry pulled the biggest upset of the day beating Joey 3:0. Yeah, 3:0, you read it right. Someone in the audience rationalized that Joey just wanted to make the 5th match meaningful for Michael.:-) Henry Kwong did play brilliantly though.

Could Michael handle the pressure? It appeared that he would run over Christian early in the first game. However, Christian, famous in his fighting spirit, did not give up. He fought back to deuce the game but still lost 10:12. Michael had to go home by 5:30PM. So, he played like a mad man and the score showed - only allowed Christian score 7 points in the 2nd and 3rd games.

The Incredibles are 6-0 now. Unless they lost the final two ties AND the Cupertino Primo won the rest of their ties, then the Incredibles and Primo will have a tie. Otherwise, the Incredibles have clinched the playoff. Congratulations!

It was nice that although only 3 players played the tie. All team members showed up to support it. (except Wilson who just had a new born) What a team!

MSC - the Incredibles over Palo Alto Team 3 3-2

  • Joey Hu lost to Ariel Hsing 2:3 (-8,-4,9,6,-11)
  • Ming Zhang over Christian Morsing 3:1 (-9,6,10,4)
  • Michael Sung/Ming Zhang over Henry Kwong/Ariel Hsing 3:1 (7,8,-8,6)
  • Joey Hu lost to Henry Kwong 0:3 (-5,-9,-9)
  • Michael Sung over Christian Morsing 3:0 (10,3,4)

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