Press Release for Palo Alto Team 4 Homecoming Team Tie

What: Season Opening at Home for Palo Alto Team 4

When: 7:30PM, Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where: TT Gold Arena, 1931 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA


  • Palo Alto Team 4: (home team, coached by Stefan Feth)
    • Lily Zhang - #2 in girls under 12 in the US and current US Cadet team member
    • Natalie Sun - #3 in girls under 12 in the US
    • Brian Chen - #18 in boys under 12 in the US
    • Vivek Ramakrishnan - #27 in boys under 14 in the US
    • Steven Li
    • Steve Reiling
  • Classic Hardbats: (visiting team)
    • Robert Palgon – 2006 US Nationals U1500 Hardbat Champion
    • Al Papp - 2002 US Open U2000 Hardbat Champion
    • Hermann Luechinger – 2002 US Open U1500 Hardbat Champion
    • John Lam – 2006 US Nationals U2000 Hardbat runner-up
    • Dan Marinas
    • Mike Marinas
    • David Su
    • Roger Keely
You are cordially invited to watch the season opening home tie for Palo Alto Team 4. Can the speed of the youngsters overcome the experience of the veterans? The tie will be played on an award winning JOOLA table that was used in the Olympics. The international umpire Saul Weinstein will be the umpire.

This event is free. Better yet, drinks and snacks will be provided. Still better yet, there will be prizes:
  • First prize: a one-hour personal lesson with Stefan Feth
  • Second prize: an autographed JOOLA Stefan Feth Cross OFF- blade
  • Third prize: one JOOLA rubber of your choice
However, seating is limited. Come early to get a good seat and enjoy this wonderful event. For more information, contact Stefan Feth.

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