2/20 U1900 Classic Hardbats at MSCTT Team A

(left to right: Danny Hui, Gary Barretto, Brian Kim, Mike Marinas, John Lam, Dan Marinas)

Classic Hardbats lost to MSCTT Team A 2-3

  • John Lam over Brian Kim 3:1 (5,-10,8,8)
  • Dan Marinas lost to Gary Barretto 1:3 (-9,5,9,-6)
  • Dan Marinas/Mike Marinas lost to Gary Barretto/Danny Hui 1:3 (-8,7,-6,-3)
  • John Lam over Danny Hui 3:1 (-9,9,7,10)
  • Mike Marinas lost to Brian Kim 0:3 (-9,-4,-5)

1 comment:

andy said...

I am a hardbat player looking for a place to play with regular "hardies" Please let me know where do you usually play and I am hoping to meet with you soon. Thank you.

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