2/16 U1900 MSC Team A at Cupertino Y Exige

(left to right: Hyung Min Kim, Brian Kim, Danny Hui, Homa Wong, George Zhao, Xiaohan Huang)

Written by George Zhao

The two singles started at two tables at the same time, Brian's long pip obviously confused Xiaohan, winning 3:0. Homa played very aggressive against Danny, Danny was trying to do the control ball placement, however, Homa made quite a few difficult shots and winning game 1. Game 2 is about the same game 1, the score doesn't stay close, Homa was 10-9 ahead and Danny made a strong come back winning the game. Game 3 with Danny built 2 points ahead, Homa tied the game at 8-8, then eventually won the game and match.

The double is very clearly two styles, Homa and George attacks more and miss more, while Hyung Min and Danny doing defense and just simply put the ball on table. George missed several loops, Homa and George each made a few mistake at receiving made game 1 a fast game, game two, George and Homa was 10-9, but George missed forehand chance ball and then lost game. Game 3 was tied 9-9, Hyung Min did two fast ball serving and won the game 3.

Watch Hyung Min playing Xiaohan is like watching Brian playing Kim, Hyung Min was totally confused by Xiaohan's spin no-spin chop, he hit the shot either under the net or over the table, the third game, Hyung Min start to just push the ball back and built a 9-1 lead and won the game, however, in game 4, Xiaohan started to take advantage of Hyung Min's no attack approach, and won the game.

Game between Brian and George and all the same, George didn't use patience and started to rush the shot, Brain won the first game relatively easy, the next three games at least both parties were in the game, however, Brain had an upper hand and won the match.

Miliptas Team A over Cupertino Y Exige 3-2

  • Danny Hui lost to Homa Wong 1:3 ( -7, 12, -9, -9)
  • Brian Kim over Xiaohan Huang 3:0 (6, 9, 5)
  • Hyung Min Kim, Danny Hui over Homa Wong, George Zhao 3:0 ( 5, 11, 9)
  • Hyung Min Kim lost to XiaoHan Huang 1:3 (5, 7, -5, 8)
  • Brian Kim over George Zhao 3:1 (5, 8, -8, 8)

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