1/30 Three Team Ties at Milpitas Sports Center

An action packed Tuesday night. Three team ties were played at Milpitas Sports Center:

  • U1500 CNetwork vs Palo Alto Team 5
  • U2200 MSCTT Team A vs Palo Alto Team 4
  • U2200 MSC - the Incredibles vs iGoLogic Inspiration

Taking the full advantage of the home court, CNetwork had a clean sweep over the visiting team Palo Alto Team 5. The only female player of the night, Esther Chan, played two singles and win both of them.

MSCTT Team A had a tougher match against Palo Alto Team 4. Palo Alto Team 4's 11-year-old Brian Chen played brilliantly over Raymond Yip. He played especially well under the pressure, winning two deuce games in a row. Garry Barretto's match against Steve Reiling was also very close - out of the 5 games went to deuce.

The third tie was an all Milpitas tie. Both teams represented Milpitas Sports Center. The Incredibles' senior lineup seemed to work well - a 5-0 win over iGoLogic Inspiration! However, 5-0 did not show how close the tie was. In the first match, Voltaire won the first game easily at 11:3. Just when everyone thought it would be an easy match, he lost the second game 8:11. OK, Voltaire told us at changeover no big deal. It was just a fluke and won the third game 11:4. Apparently, Wen Huang thought otherwise. He won the 4th game 11:6 to even the match to 2:2. VB recouped and prevailed at the end by winning the last game 11:6.

Second match - Joey Hu, USATT League rating 2179, vs Barry Or, 1809. Barry is known as an "upsetter" in the tournament. He upset quite a few over 2000 players in the tournament. Would he be able to upset Joey? It appeared he might. Barry smashed his way to take the first game 12:10! The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were also fiercely contested. However, Joey smashed it back to win 3 straight games to take the match 3:1. (8,9,9)

Now, it was VoltaireBenedicto/Jim Chai vs Gary Fang/Barry Or in doubles. The USATT rating different was almost 300 in favor of VB/JC. It turned out another cliffhanging match. VB/JC barely edged out their opponents 3:2.

Come on! Somebody got to tell those people from iGoLogic to quit. It was already 3-0 in matches. Didn't they know they had lost? Evidently, no. In the 4th match, after the first three games, Joey trailed 1:2 to Gary! Joey eventually pulled out his "A" game and came back to win the match.

Jim played the last match against Wen. Something illogical happened. Jim must have been inspired by something. He handled Wen's serve that troubled Henry and Voltaire very well. On the contrary, Wen had problem returned Jim's serve. Furthermore, Jim was "in the zone". He simply could not miss any smash and the result showed. He won 3 straight. (7,0,6) Yep, you read that right. Wasn't it incredible?

(left to right: Jerome Poon, Khoa Ho, Esther Chan, Tri Mai, Simon Sheynkman, Valentin Gefter)

CNetwork beat Palo Alto Team 5 5:0

  • Khoa Ho over Tri Mai 3:0 (8,6,11)
  • Esther Chan over Simon Sheynkman 3:0 (6,9,6)
  • Jerome Poon/Khoa Ho over Valentin Gefter/Tri Mai 3:0 (5,6,5)
  • Esther Chan over Valentin Gefter 3:1 (6,-9,7,9)
  • Jerome Poon over Simon Sheynkman 3:2 (-6,9,-6,6,3)
(left to right, Steve Reiling, VivekRamakrishnan, Brian Chen, Hyung Min Kim, Raymond Yip, Gary Barretto)

MSCTT Team A beat Palo Alto Team 4 4:1

  • Raymond Yip over Steve Reiling 3:0 (8,10,7)
  • Hyung Min Kim over Vivek Ramakrishnan 3:0 (5,10,5)
  • Gary Barretto/Hyung Min Kim over Brian Chen/Vivek Ramakrishnan 3:1 (7,-9,8,6)
  • Raymond Yip lost to Brian Chen 0:3 (-6,-12,-11)
  • Garry Barretto over Steve Reilling 3:2 (5,-10,14,-11,7)

(left to right, Barry Or, Wen Huang, Gary Fang, Joey Hu, Voltaire Benedicto, Jim Chai)

MSC - the Incredibles beat iGoLogic Inspiration 5:0

  • Voltaire Benedicto over Wen Huang 3:2 (3,-8,4,-6,6)
  • Joey Hu over Barry Or 3:1 (-10,8,9,9)
  • Jim Chai/Voltaire Benedicto over Gary Fang/Barry Or 3:2 (5,-6,7,-10,9)
  • Joey Hu over Gary Fang 3:2 (9,-8,-6,6,5)
  • Jim Chai over Wen Huang 3:0 (7,0,6)

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