1/29 U1900 Cupertino Y Exige at Classic Hardbats

By Robert Palgon

(from left to right: Homa Wong, Xiao Han Huang, Chew Wong, George Zhao, Hermann Luechinger, Albert Papp, Robert Palgon, John Lam)

Last night, in Mountain View, the Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club’s Classic Hardbats leveled its 2007 USATT Teams League U1900 Division record at 1-1 with an exciting 3-2 victory over Cupertino Y Exige.

Playing for the Kelly-green clad Classic Hardbats were Herman Luechinger, Al Papp, and Bob Palgon. Coaching was John Lam. Playing for Cupertino and wearing grey were Chew Wong, George Zhoa, and Xiao Han Huang. Homa Wong, Captain of his team, served as their Coach. (See attached photo.)

Playing both singles, I beat Chew Wong in 3 straight (9, 5, 5) but succumbed in 4-games to Xiao Han Huang (10,-2,-6,-10). Also in singles, George Zhoa beat Hermann in 3 straight (3, 7, 9) but Hermann came back to play with Al in the doubles and secured a much-welcomed 4-game victory against a very tough Cupertino pairing, beating Chew and Xiao Han (5, -6, 8, 12).

With the matches tied at 2-2, and everything on the line, the final singles saw Al Papp and George Zhoa do battle. Al attacked fearlessly and relentlessly, and came away with a very satisfying 3-game victory (5, 8, 8), giving our Classic Hardbats the margin of victory.

After the match, Al gave John Lam generous credit for the win -- not only had John provided perceptive coaching but he had also used his sponge-bat to warm-up Al before the tie began. Clearly that warm-up was critical to Al’s subsequent play since Al – an extreme hardbat enthusiast – had not competed against a sponge opponent for over 4 years. Great job, Al.

For those not familiar with the main websites tracking our local circuit, there is first the “battf’ yahoogroups site. Just register there as we did for the “hardbat” yahoogroups. Also, Bruce maintains another site, http://www.battf.blogspot.com/ which has write-ups and photos, among other things, of our circuit results.

Looking forward to the rest of the season! Next tie is Feb. 11th. Playing will be John, David, and myself with Al serving as coach and backup.

Classic Harbats beat Cupertino Y - Exige 3-2

  • Robert Palgon over Chew Wong 3:0 (9,5,5)

  • Hermann Luechinger lost to George Zhao 0:3 (-3,-7,-9)

  • Hermann Luechinger/Albert Papp over Chew Wong and Xiao Han Huang 3:1 (5, -6, 8, 12)

  • Rpbert Palgon lost to Xiao Han Huang 1:3 (10,-2,-6,-10)

  • Albert Papp over George Zhao 3:0 (5, 8, 8),

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