1/28 U1500 Actions at Cupertino

Do you call yourself a die-hard player? Reno Royals drove 250 miles one-way from Reno to play their team ties on 1/27 and 1/28. Pretty impressive, right? Well, one of the Royals, Allan Ferrenbert, could not come with other Royals on 1/27. So, he flew from Reno to San Jose to play his four matches, two singles and two doubles, on 1/28!

The Royals manager, Carlos Ortegon, said that their players were very happy about the trip. They wanted to thank Milpitas Sports Center and Cupertino YMCA to let them use their facilities as the Royals' home court. Carlos also hoped that in the future, Bay Area teams will go to Reno to play and he vowed his team will perform better in the thinner air.
(from left to right: Howard Lambert, Billie Paulson, Carl Barlow, Allan Ferrenberg, Ron Ohlfs, Krish Suresh, You-Chien Koe)

Cupertino Y-Defenders lost to Reno Royals 2-3

  • Krish Suresh beat Allan Ferrenberg 3:1 (-11,13,8,9)
  • You-Chien Koe beat Billie Paulsen 3:2 (-3,-6,11,10,6)
  • You-Chien Koe/Ron Ohlfs lost to Allan Ferrenberg/Carl Barlow 1:3 (-8,5,3,8)
  • Ron Ohlfs lost to Billie Paulsen 0:3 (-7,-6,-5)
  • Krish Suresh lost to Carl Barlow 1:3 (-9,-9,6,-2)
Cupertino Y-Defenders lost to San Francisco Chinatown 1-4
  • Bin Wan beat Kip Leung 3:1 (6,-9,12,9)
  • Krish Suresh lost to Kakit Lee 2:3 (10,5,-5,-6,-8)
  • Krish Suresh/You-Chien Koe lost to Kip Leung/Simon Cai 0:3 (-5,-7,-5)
  • You-Chien Koe lost to Kakit Lee 1:3 (-8,-4,8,-8)
  • Bin Wan lost to Simon Cai 0:3 (-7,-8,-6)
Chinatown TTC beat Reno Royals 4:1
  • Kip Leung beat Howard Lambert 3:0 (13,9,5)
  • Kikit Lee beat Billie Paulson 3:1 (5,3,-10,9)
  • KipLeung/Simon Cai beat Allan Ferrenberg/Billie Paulson 3:1 (10,-8,8,7)
  • Kakit Lee beat Allan Ferrenberg 3:0 (6,11,12)
  • Simon Cai lost to Howard Lambert 2:3 (-5,-9,9,2,-6)

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