2/27 U2200 Cupertino Y Primo at iGoLogic Inspiration

(left to right: Wen Huang, Gary Fang, Barry Or, Brian Kim, Mark Johnson, Wei Chen, David Chu, Fernando Chang)

iGoLogic Inspiration lost to Cupertino Y - Primo 1-4

  • Gary Fang over David Chu 3:1 (8,-7,8,6)
  • Brian Kim lost to Wei Chen 2:3 (-11,6,6,-6,-4)
  • Gary Fang/Mark Johnson lost to David Chu/Fernando Chang 2:3 (-5,9,-10,5,-3)
  • Brian Kim lost to Fernando Chang 1:3 (9,-4,-7,-8)
  • Mark Johnson lost to Wei Chen 0:3 (-4,-10,-6)

2/27 U1900 MSCTT Team A at ICC TT Team 3

ICC TT Team 3 lost to MSCTT Team A 2-3

  • Praful Bhaidasna over Danny Hui 3:0 (11,5,6)
  • Nash Darukhanawal lost to Gary Barretto 0:3 (-8,-5,-8)
  • Nash Darukhanawal/Sammy Chu lost to Qingmin Liu/Gary Barretto 2:3 (8,-9,-10,9,-9)
  • Praful Bhaidasna over Qingmin Liu 3:2 (-10,10,11,-11,8)
  • Sammy Chu lost to Danny Hui 1:3 (-9,8,-8,-3)

2/26 U1900 iGoLogic Innovation at Classic Hardbats

(left to right: Barry Or, Peter Tsang, Michael Liu, Winston Chen, John Lam, David Su, Al Papp, Hermann Luechinger)

iGoLogic Innovation lost to Classic Hardbat 2-3

  • Michael Liu lost to John Lam 0:3 (3,5,9)
  • Winston Chen beat David Su 3:1 (7,-7,10,7)
  • Peter Tsang/Michael Liu lost to David Si/Al Papp 0:3 (6,3,6)
  • Peter Tsang beat John Lam 3:2 (5,-8,-11,7,5)
  • Winston Chen lost to Al Papp 2:3 (15,-8,-9,7,-9)

2/26 U1500 CNetwork at Cupertino Y - Defenders

(left to right: Krish Suresh, Mario D'Ortenzio, Albert Mak, Jerome Poon, Ron Wallace, Larry Lee)

CNetwork over Cupertino Y Defenders 3-2

  • Jerome Poon lost to Mario D'Ortenzio 0:3 (-8,-6,-2)
  • Ron Wallace over Albert Mak 3:2 (9,-9,6,-5,10)
  • Jerome Poon/Larry Lee lost to Mario D'Ortenzio/Krish Suresh 2:3 (-7,7,-9,8,-9)
  • Ron Wallace over Krish Suresh 3:2 (-8,-10,8,4,9)
  • Larry Lee over Albert Mak 3:0 (8,10,7)

2/25 U1900 ICC Team 3 at Concord

Concord lost to ICC team 3 0-5

  • Peter Chung lost to Venkatesh Ranganath 3:1 (-7,-11,11,-6)
  • Ed Baxter lost to Ankur Patel 0:3 (-7,-2,-11)
  • Peter Chung/Do Tran lost to Nash Darukhanawal/Ankur Patel 0:3 (-11,-7,-10)
  • Ed Baxter lost to Nash Darukhanawal 0:3 (-6,-7,-6)
  • Do Tran lost to Venkatesh Ranganath 0:3 (-14,-4,-6)

2/24 U1500 SF TTC at CNetwork

(left to right: Lewis Wei, Kakit Lee, Kip Leung, Eric Liu, Sam Kim, Khoa Ho, Moses Wang)

San Francisco TTC over CNetwork 3-2

  • Kakit Lee lost to Khoa Ho 1:3 (9,-12,-7,-21) Yes, the last game was 21:23!
  • Kip Leung over Sam Kim 3:2 (7,-4,-10,7,7)
  • Eric Liu/Kip Leung over Moses Wang/Khoa Ho 3:2 (8,-7,10,-4,9)
  • Kakit Lee over Moses Wang 3:0 (5,7,13)
  • Eric Liu lost Sam Kim 2:3 (7,-10,-5,-10)

2/23 U2200 MSC - the Incredibles at Palo Alto Team 3

(left to right: Henry Sit, Voltaire Benedicto, Jim Chai, Christian Morsing, Wim Coekaerts, Steve Reiling)

MSC - the Incredibles over Palo Alto Team 3 4-1

  • Voltaire Benedicto over Steve Reiling 3:0 (2,5,2)
  • Jim Chai lost to Christian Morsing 0:3 (-4,-8,-13)
  • Henry Sit/Jim Chai over Wim Coekaerts 3:0 (3,8,2)
  • Henry Sit over Christian Morsing 3:1 (5,5,-7,9)
  • Voltaire Benedicto over Wim Coekaerts 3:0 (6,8,9)

2/22 U2200 iGoLogic Inspiration at Cupertino Y Primo

(left to right: Fernando Chang, Mark Kent, Wei Chen, Michael Liu, Brian Kim, Gary Fang, Barry Or)

iGoLogic Inspriation beat Cupertino Y-Primo 4-1
  • Michael Liu beat Wei Chen 3:2 (6,-8,-6,9,10)

  • Brian Kim beat Fernando Chang 3:1 (6,4,-4,4)

  • Michael Liu/Gary Fang lost to Wei Chen/Mark Kent 2:3 (9,-9,-2,12,-6)

  • Brian Kim beat Mark Kent 3:0 (6,14,10)

  • Gary Fang beat Fernando Chang 3:1 (-7,2,8,10)

2/21 Open Division MSC - the Impossibles at Lincoln Square TT

(left to right: Jackie Lee, Avishy Schmidt, Kock Loe, Bo Ding, Ming Zhang, Henry Sit)

MSC - the Impossibles lost to Lincoln Square TT 1-4

  • Henry Sit lost to Jackie Lee 1:3 (8,-2,-10,-8)
  • Ming Zhang over Kock Loe 3:1 (9,-6,9,4)
  • Bo Ding/Henry Sit lost to Kock Loe/Avishy Schmidt 0:3 (-3,-7,-10)
  • Ming Zhang lost to Avishy Schmidt 0:3 (-5,-9,-10)
  • Bo Ding lost to Jackie Lee 0:3 (-3,-5,-7)

2/20 U1500 Palo Alto Team 5 at ICC TT Team 2

ICC Team 2 over Palo Alto Team 2 4-1

  • Asif Makhani over Simon Sheynkman 3:0
  • Deepak Jain over Valentin Gefter 3:1
  • Asif Makhani/Venkat Simhardri over Vuong/Simon Sheynkman 3:1
  • Venkat Simhardri lost to Valentin Gefter 1:3
  • Deepak Jain over Vuong Tri 3:0

2/20 U1900 Classic Hardbats at MSCTT Team A

(left to right: Danny Hui, Gary Barretto, Brian Kim, Mike Marinas, John Lam, Dan Marinas)

Classic Hardbats lost to MSCTT Team A 2-3

  • John Lam over Brian Kim 3:1 (5,-10,8,8)
  • Dan Marinas lost to Gary Barretto 1:3 (-9,5,9,-6)
  • Dan Marinas/Mike Marinas lost to Gary Barretto/Danny Hui 1:3 (-8,7,-6,-3)
  • John Lam over Danny Hui 3:1 (-9,9,7,10)
  • Mike Marinas lost to Brian Kim 0:3 (-9,-4,-5)

2/16 U1900 MSC Team A at Cupertino Y Exige

(left to right: Hyung Min Kim, Brian Kim, Danny Hui, Homa Wong, George Zhao, Xiaohan Huang)

Written by George Zhao

The two singles started at two tables at the same time, Brian's long pip obviously confused Xiaohan, winning 3:0. Homa played very aggressive against Danny, Danny was trying to do the control ball placement, however, Homa made quite a few difficult shots and winning game 1. Game 2 is about the same game 1, the score doesn't stay close, Homa was 10-9 ahead and Danny made a strong come back winning the game. Game 3 with Danny built 2 points ahead, Homa tied the game at 8-8, then eventually won the game and match.

The double is very clearly two styles, Homa and George attacks more and miss more, while Hyung Min and Danny doing defense and just simply put the ball on table. George missed several loops, Homa and George each made a few mistake at receiving made game 1 a fast game, game two, George and Homa was 10-9, but George missed forehand chance ball and then lost game. Game 3 was tied 9-9, Hyung Min did two fast ball serving and won the game 3.

Watch Hyung Min playing Xiaohan is like watching Brian playing Kim, Hyung Min was totally confused by Xiaohan's spin no-spin chop, he hit the shot either under the net or over the table, the third game, Hyung Min start to just push the ball back and built a 9-1 lead and won the game, however, in game 4, Xiaohan started to take advantage of Hyung Min's no attack approach, and won the game.

Game between Brian and George and all the same, George didn't use patience and started to rush the shot, Brain won the first game relatively easy, the next three games at least both parties were in the game, however, Brain had an upper hand and won the match.

Miliptas Team A over Cupertino Y Exige 3-2

  • Danny Hui lost to Homa Wong 1:3 ( -7, 12, -9, -9)
  • Brian Kim over Xiaohan Huang 3:0 (6, 9, 5)
  • Hyung Min Kim, Danny Hui over Homa Wong, George Zhao 3:0 ( 5, 11, 9)
  • Hyung Min Kim lost to XiaoHan Huang 1:3 (5, 7, -5, 8)
  • Brian Kim over George Zhao 3:1 (5, 8, -8, 8)

2/12 U1900 ICC TT Team 3 at Classic Hardbats

ICC TT Team 3 over Classic Hardbats 3-2

  • Nash Darukhanawala lost to John Lam 2:3 (-7,4,6,-8,-6)
  • Ankur Patel over David Su 3:1 (-9,10,6,3)
  • Sujit Chaubal/Nash Darukhanawala over David Su/Hermann Luechinger 3:0 (6,7,2)
  • Sujit Chaubal lost to John Lam 0:3 (-6,-7,-2)
  • Ankur Patel over Hermann Luechinger 3:1 (-9,6,8,6)

2/11 U1900 Classic Hardbats at Palo Alto Team 4

(left to right: Lily Zhang, Natalie Sun, Steven Li, Stefan Feth, Saul Weinstein, Hermann Luechinger, Robert Palgon, John Lam)

Classic Hardbats lost to Palo Alto Team 4 2-3

  • John Lam lost to Lily Zhang 1:3 (8,-10,6,6)

  • Robert Palgon over Steven Li 3:1 (-8,9,8,7)

  • Robert Palgon/Hermann Luechinger lost to Lily Zhang/Natalie Sun 1:3 (-7,6,5,2)

  • John Lam over Natalie Sun 3:1 (4,7,-7,8)

  • Hermann Luechinger lost to Steven Li 0:3 (-3,-6,-1)

2/13 U1900 Palo Alto Team 4 at iGoLogic Innovation

iGoLogic Innovation over Palo Alto Team 4 5-0

  • Barry Or over Steven Li 3:0 (4,7,7)
  • Gary Fang over Vivek Ramakrishnan 3:1 (8,-8,3,3)
  • Barry Or/Mark Johnson over Brian Chen/Steven Li 3:0 (0,2,3)
  • Mark Johnson over Vivek Ramakrishnan 3:0 (9,6,4)
  • Gary Fang over Brian Chen 3:0 (6,5,9)

2/12 U1500 ICC TT Team 2 at Cupertino Y - Defenders

Cupertino Y - Defenders over ICC TT Team 2 3-2

  • Albert Mak over Asif MakHani 3:1 (-8,5,7,7)
  • You-Chien Koe lost to Venkata Tangirala 2:3 (-9,-6,10,8,-9)
  • Mario D'Ortenzio/You-Chien Koe over Asif Makhani/IndriHariyanto 3:2 (8,-9,8,-4,8)
  • Albert Mak lost to Indri Hariyanto 0:3 (-2,-6,-4)
  • Mario D'Ortenzio over Venkata Tangirala 3:1 (-9,8,9,6)

2/10 Open Division San Francisco CRS at Palo Alto Team 1

Palo Alto Team 1 over San Francisco CRS 5:0

  • Kevin Au over Terry Tam 3:0 (3,6,8)
  • Khoa Nguyen over Weihao Chen 3:0 (10,10,4)
  • Khoa Nguyen/Truong Tu over Terry Tam/Sally Su 3:0 (6,9,5)
  • Truong Tu over Weihao Chen 3:0 (5,6,4)
  • Kevin Au over Sally Su 3:0 (11,4,8)

2/10 Open Division Palo Alto Team 1 at MSC - the Impossibles

(from left to right: Nelson Yu, Ming Zhang, Voltaire Benedicto, Kevin Au, Troung Tu, Khoa Nguyen)

Palo Alto Team 1 over MSC - the Impossibles 3-2
  • Khoa Nguyen over Voltaire Benedicto 3:0 (2,8,7)
  • Truong Tu lost to Nelson Yu 2:3 (9,-6,9,-8,-5)
  • Kevin Au/Truong Tu over Ming Zhang/Voltaire Benedicto 3:2 (10,7,-5,-9,8)
  • Khoa Nguyen over Ming Zhang 3:0 (4,10,3)
  • Kevin Au lost to Nelson Yu 2:3 (8,-9,-11,8,-9)

2/7 Open Division Palo Alto Team 2 at Lincoln Square TT

Palo Alto Team 2 lost to Lincoln Square TT 1-3

  • Christian Morsing lost to Misha 1:3 (-6,11,-8,-2)
  • Kyna Fong over Kock Loe 3:0 (8,6,9)
  • Christian Morsing/Wim Coekaerts v Jackie Lee/Kock Loe 1:3 (-7,-7,4,-3)
  • Kyna lost to Jackie Lee 2:3 (9,-8,-9,6,-7)

2/6 U2200, U1900, and U1500 Results

(left to right: Steven Reiling, Henry Kwong, Christian Morsing, Brian Kim, Mark Johnson, Barry Or)

More photos are at http://www.igologicteam.com/Inspiration/0206.htm.

U2200 Palo Alto Team3 beat iGoLogic Inspiration 3-2
  • Christian Morsing over Brian Kim 3:0 (6,8,8)

  • Steve Reiling lost to Barry Or 1:3 (9,-8,-7,-9)

  • Henry Kwong/Steve Reiling lost to Mark Johnson/Brian Kim 0:3 (-9,-8,-9)

  • Christian Morsing over Mark Johnson 3:0 (5,7,6)

  • Henry Kwong over Barry Or 3:0 (8,9,7)

(left to right: Venkatesh Ranganath, Nash Darukhanawal, Ankur Patel, Gary Fang, Wen Huang, Winston Chen, Peter Tsang)

U1900 iGoLogic Innovation lost to ICC Team 3 2-3

  • Gary Fang over Venkatesh Ranganath 3:1 (9,-9,5,2)

  • Wen Huang lost to Nash Darukhanawal 2:3 (-4,-6,7,6,-8)

  • Winston Chen/Wen Huang lost to Ankur Patel/Nash Darukhanawal 1:3 (-5,8,-9,07)

  • Gary Fang lost to Ankur Patel 2:3 (-6,-7,6,12,-9)

  • Winston Chen over Venkatesh Ranganath 3:0 (7,4,6)

(left to right: Venkata Tangirala, Venkat Simhadri, Parth Upadhyay, Jerome Poon, Esther Chan, Khoa Ho, Larry Lee)

U1500 ICC Team 2 lost to CNetwork 2-3

  • Venkat Simhadri lost to Jerome Poon 2:3 (9,-6,4,-4,-8)

  • Venkata Tangirala over Larry Lee 3:0 (9,3,3)

  • Venkat Simhadri/Parth Upadhyay lost to Jerome Poon/Esther Chan 0:3 (-8,-6,-3)

  • Venkata Tangirala over Esther Chan 3:0 (9,6,4)

  • Parth Upadhyay lost to Larry Lee 0:3 (-6,-6,-11)

2/5 U1500 Palo Alto Team 5 at Cupertino Y - Defenders

Cupertino Y - Defenders over Palo Alto Team 5 4-1

  • Bin Wan over Tri Mai 3:1 (8,-8,8,4)
  • Mario D'Ortenzio over Simon Sheynkman 3:2 (8,-8,8,-8,8)
  • Mario D'Ortenzio/Krish Suresh lost to Tri Mai/Vuong Mai 2:3 (-13,7,-10,9,-10)
  • Bin Wan over Vuong Mai 3:1 (-9,15,7,5)
  • Krish Suresh over Simon Sheynkman 3:1 (8,-10,9,7)

2/3 U1900 Team Cocord at MSCTT Team A

(left to right: Qingmin Liu, Ed Baxter, Raymond Yip, Radu Licea, Danny Bruno, Do Tran)

MSCTT Team A over Team Concord 5-0

  • Radu Licea over Ed Baxter 3:0 (1,3,6)
  • Raymond Yip over Dan Bruno 3:0 (12,12,6)
  • Qingmin Liu/Radu Licea over Do Tran/Ed Baxter 3:0 (7,4,4)
  • Qingmin Liu over Dan Bruno 3:1 (7,6,-6,2)
  • Raymond Yip over Do Tran 3:0 (9,7,8)

2/3 U1500 San Francisco TTC at ICC Team 2

San Francisco lost to ICC Team 2 2-3

  • Kip Leung lost to Asif Makhani 1:3 (-3,-8,12,-9)
  • Kakit Lee over Venkata Tangirala 3:2 (-6,9,6,6)
  • Kip Leung/John lost to Li Asif Makhani/Venkat Simhadri 0:3 (-7,-9,-8)
  • Kakit Lee over Venkat Simhadri 3:1 (6,5,-9,10)
  • John Li lost to Venkata Tangirala 0:3 (-7,-7,-6)

Press Release for Palo Alto Team 4 Homecoming Team Tie

What: Season Opening at Home for Palo Alto Team 4

When: 7:30PM, Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where: TT Gold Arena, 1931 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA


  • Palo Alto Team 4: (home team, coached by Stefan Feth)
    • Lily Zhang - #2 in girls under 12 in the US and current US Cadet team member
    • Natalie Sun - #3 in girls under 12 in the US
    • Brian Chen - #18 in boys under 12 in the US
    • Vivek Ramakrishnan - #27 in boys under 14 in the US
    • Steven Li
    • Steve Reiling
  • Classic Hardbats: (visiting team)
    • Robert Palgon – 2006 US Nationals U1500 Hardbat Champion
    • Al Papp - 2002 US Open U2000 Hardbat Champion
    • Hermann Luechinger – 2002 US Open U1500 Hardbat Champion
    • John Lam – 2006 US Nationals U2000 Hardbat runner-up
    • Dan Marinas
    • Mike Marinas
    • David Su
    • Roger Keely
You are cordially invited to watch the season opening home tie for Palo Alto Team 4. Can the speed of the youngsters overcome the experience of the veterans? The tie will be played on an award winning JOOLA table that was used in the Olympics. The international umpire Saul Weinstein will be the umpire.

This event is free. Better yet, drinks and snacks will be provided. Still better yet, there will be prizes:
  • First prize: a one-hour personal lesson with Stefan Feth
  • Second prize: an autographed JOOLA Stefan Feth Cross OFF- blade
  • Third prize: one JOOLA rubber of your choice
However, seating is limited. Come early to get a good seat and enjoy this wonderful event. For more information, contact Stefan Feth.

2/1 Open Lincoln Square TT at San Francisco CRS

(left to right: Freddie Gabriel, Misha Kazantsev, Jackie Lee, Quanying Su, Peter Chen, Terry Tam)

San Francisco CRS lost to Lincoln Square TT 1:4

  • Peter Chen lost to Freddie Gabriel 0:3 (-6,-5,-7)
  • Terry Tam lost to Misha Kazantsev 2:3 (-5,6,8,-11,-8)
  • Terry Tam/Quanying Su over Freddie Gabriel/Jackie Lee 3:2 (-4,9,8,-4,8)
  • Peter Chen lost to Jackie Lee 0:3 (-4,-5,-6)
  • Quanying Su lost to Misha Kazantsev 1:3 (9,-9,-10,-4)

1/30 Three Team Ties at Milpitas Sports Center

An action packed Tuesday night. Three team ties were played at Milpitas Sports Center:

  • U1500 CNetwork vs Palo Alto Team 5
  • U2200 MSCTT Team A vs Palo Alto Team 4
  • U2200 MSC - the Incredibles vs iGoLogic Inspiration

Taking the full advantage of the home court, CNetwork had a clean sweep over the visiting team Palo Alto Team 5. The only female player of the night, Esther Chan, played two singles and win both of them.

MSCTT Team A had a tougher match against Palo Alto Team 4. Palo Alto Team 4's 11-year-old Brian Chen played brilliantly over Raymond Yip. He played especially well under the pressure, winning two deuce games in a row. Garry Barretto's match against Steve Reiling was also very close - out of the 5 games went to deuce.

The third tie was an all Milpitas tie. Both teams represented Milpitas Sports Center. The Incredibles' senior lineup seemed to work well - a 5-0 win over iGoLogic Inspiration! However, 5-0 did not show how close the tie was. In the first match, Voltaire won the first game easily at 11:3. Just when everyone thought it would be an easy match, he lost the second game 8:11. OK, Voltaire told us at changeover no big deal. It was just a fluke and won the third game 11:4. Apparently, Wen Huang thought otherwise. He won the 4th game 11:6 to even the match to 2:2. VB recouped and prevailed at the end by winning the last game 11:6.

Second match - Joey Hu, USATT League rating 2179, vs Barry Or, 1809. Barry is known as an "upsetter" in the tournament. He upset quite a few over 2000 players in the tournament. Would he be able to upset Joey? It appeared he might. Barry smashed his way to take the first game 12:10! The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were also fiercely contested. However, Joey smashed it back to win 3 straight games to take the match 3:1. (8,9,9)

Now, it was VoltaireBenedicto/Jim Chai vs Gary Fang/Barry Or in doubles. The USATT rating different was almost 300 in favor of VB/JC. It turned out another cliffhanging match. VB/JC barely edged out their opponents 3:2.

Come on! Somebody got to tell those people from iGoLogic to quit. It was already 3-0 in matches. Didn't they know they had lost? Evidently, no. In the 4th match, after the first three games, Joey trailed 1:2 to Gary! Joey eventually pulled out his "A" game and came back to win the match.

Jim played the last match against Wen. Something illogical happened. Jim must have been inspired by something. He handled Wen's serve that troubled Henry and Voltaire very well. On the contrary, Wen had problem returned Jim's serve. Furthermore, Jim was "in the zone". He simply could not miss any smash and the result showed. He won 3 straight. (7,0,6) Yep, you read that right. Wasn't it incredible?

(left to right: Jerome Poon, Khoa Ho, Esther Chan, Tri Mai, Simon Sheynkman, Valentin Gefter)

CNetwork beat Palo Alto Team 5 5:0

  • Khoa Ho over Tri Mai 3:0 (8,6,11)
  • Esther Chan over Simon Sheynkman 3:0 (6,9,6)
  • Jerome Poon/Khoa Ho over Valentin Gefter/Tri Mai 3:0 (5,6,5)
  • Esther Chan over Valentin Gefter 3:1 (6,-9,7,9)
  • Jerome Poon over Simon Sheynkman 3:2 (-6,9,-6,6,3)
(left to right, Steve Reiling, VivekRamakrishnan, Brian Chen, Hyung Min Kim, Raymond Yip, Gary Barretto)

MSCTT Team A beat Palo Alto Team 4 4:1

  • Raymond Yip over Steve Reiling 3:0 (8,10,7)
  • Hyung Min Kim over Vivek Ramakrishnan 3:0 (5,10,5)
  • Gary Barretto/Hyung Min Kim over Brian Chen/Vivek Ramakrishnan 3:1 (7,-9,8,6)
  • Raymond Yip lost to Brian Chen 0:3 (-6,-12,-11)
  • Garry Barretto over Steve Reilling 3:2 (5,-10,14,-11,7)

(left to right, Barry Or, Wen Huang, Gary Fang, Joey Hu, Voltaire Benedicto, Jim Chai)

MSC - the Incredibles beat iGoLogic Inspiration 5:0

  • Voltaire Benedicto over Wen Huang 3:2 (3,-8,4,-6,6)
  • Joey Hu over Barry Or 3:1 (-10,8,9,9)
  • Jim Chai/Voltaire Benedicto over Gary Fang/Barry Or 3:2 (5,-6,7,-10,9)
  • Joey Hu over Gary Fang 3:2 (9,-8,-6,6,5)
  • Jim Chai over Wen Huang 3:0 (7,0,6)

1/29 U1900 Cupertino Y Exige at Classic Hardbats

By Robert Palgon

(from left to right: Homa Wong, Xiao Han Huang, Chew Wong, George Zhao, Hermann Luechinger, Albert Papp, Robert Palgon, John Lam)

Last night, in Mountain View, the Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club’s Classic Hardbats leveled its 2007 USATT Teams League U1900 Division record at 1-1 with an exciting 3-2 victory over Cupertino Y Exige.

Playing for the Kelly-green clad Classic Hardbats were Herman Luechinger, Al Papp, and Bob Palgon. Coaching was John Lam. Playing for Cupertino and wearing grey were Chew Wong, George Zhoa, and Xiao Han Huang. Homa Wong, Captain of his team, served as their Coach. (See attached photo.)

Playing both singles, I beat Chew Wong in 3 straight (9, 5, 5) but succumbed in 4-games to Xiao Han Huang (10,-2,-6,-10). Also in singles, George Zhoa beat Hermann in 3 straight (3, 7, 9) but Hermann came back to play with Al in the doubles and secured a much-welcomed 4-game victory against a very tough Cupertino pairing, beating Chew and Xiao Han (5, -6, 8, 12).

With the matches tied at 2-2, and everything on the line, the final singles saw Al Papp and George Zhoa do battle. Al attacked fearlessly and relentlessly, and came away with a very satisfying 3-game victory (5, 8, 8), giving our Classic Hardbats the margin of victory.

After the match, Al gave John Lam generous credit for the win -- not only had John provided perceptive coaching but he had also used his sponge-bat to warm-up Al before the tie began. Clearly that warm-up was critical to Al’s subsequent play since Al – an extreme hardbat enthusiast – had not competed against a sponge opponent for over 4 years. Great job, Al.

For those not familiar with the main websites tracking our local circuit, there is first the “battf’ yahoogroups site. Just register there as we did for the “hardbat” yahoogroups. Also, Bruce maintains another site, http://www.battf.blogspot.com/ which has write-ups and photos, among other things, of our circuit results.

Looking forward to the rest of the season! Next tie is Feb. 11th. Playing will be John, David, and myself with Al serving as coach and backup.

Classic Harbats beat Cupertino Y - Exige 3-2

  • Robert Palgon over Chew Wong 3:0 (9,5,5)

  • Hermann Luechinger lost to George Zhao 0:3 (-3,-7,-9)

  • Hermann Luechinger/Albert Papp over Chew Wong and Xiao Han Huang 3:1 (5, -6, 8, 12)

  • Rpbert Palgon lost to Xiao Han Huang 1:3 (10,-2,-6,-10)

  • Albert Papp over George Zhao 3:0 (5, 8, 8),

1/26 U2200 Palo Alto Team 3 vs iGoLogic Inspiration

(from left to right: Henry Kwong, Christian Morsing , Wim Coekaerts, Stefan Feth, Barry Or, Raj Nejad, Dan Lin)

Palo Alto Team 3 beat iGoLogic Inspiration 3-2

  • Christian Morsing over Dan Lin 3:0 (3,8,7)

  • Henry Kwong over Barry Or 3:1 (9,-8,11,9)

  • Henry Kwong/Wim Coekaerts lost to Dan Lin/Raj Nejad 1:3 (-10,-5,8,-12)

  • Christian Morsing over Raj Nejad 3:0 (5,7,11)

  • Wim Coekaerts lost to Barry Or 0:3 (-8,-4.-9)

1/28 U1500 Actions at Cupertino

Do you call yourself a die-hard player? Reno Royals drove 250 miles one-way from Reno to play their team ties on 1/27 and 1/28. Pretty impressive, right? Well, one of the Royals, Allan Ferrenbert, could not come with other Royals on 1/27. So, he flew from Reno to San Jose to play his four matches, two singles and two doubles, on 1/28!

The Royals manager, Carlos Ortegon, said that their players were very happy about the trip. They wanted to thank Milpitas Sports Center and Cupertino YMCA to let them use their facilities as the Royals' home court. Carlos also hoped that in the future, Bay Area teams will go to Reno to play and he vowed his team will perform better in the thinner air.
(from left to right: Howard Lambert, Billie Paulson, Carl Barlow, Allan Ferrenberg, Ron Ohlfs, Krish Suresh, You-Chien Koe)

Cupertino Y-Defenders lost to Reno Royals 2-3

  • Krish Suresh beat Allan Ferrenberg 3:1 (-11,13,8,9)
  • You-Chien Koe beat Billie Paulsen 3:2 (-3,-6,11,10,6)
  • You-Chien Koe/Ron Ohlfs lost to Allan Ferrenberg/Carl Barlow 1:3 (-8,5,3,8)
  • Ron Ohlfs lost to Billie Paulsen 0:3 (-7,-6,-5)
  • Krish Suresh lost to Carl Barlow 1:3 (-9,-9,6,-2)
Cupertino Y-Defenders lost to San Francisco Chinatown 1-4
  • Bin Wan beat Kip Leung 3:1 (6,-9,12,9)
  • Krish Suresh lost to Kakit Lee 2:3 (10,5,-5,-6,-8)
  • Krish Suresh/You-Chien Koe lost to Kip Leung/Simon Cai 0:3 (-5,-7,-5)
  • You-Chien Koe lost to Kakit Lee 1:3 (-8,-4,8,-8)
  • Bin Wan lost to Simon Cai 0:3 (-7,-8,-6)
Chinatown TTC beat Reno Royals 4:1
  • Kip Leung beat Howard Lambert 3:0 (13,9,5)
  • Kikit Lee beat Billie Paulson 3:1 (5,3,-10,9)
  • KipLeung/Simon Cai beat Allan Ferrenberg/Billie Paulson 3:1 (10,-8,8,7)
  • Kakit Lee beat Allan Ferrenberg 3:0 (6,11,12)
  • Simon Cai lost to Howard Lambert 2:3 (-5,-9,9,2,-6)

1/28 U1900 Classic Harbats at Concord

Concord beat Classic Hardbats 4 - 1

  • Peter Chung beat Mike Marinas 3:0 (2, 8, 9)
  • Dan Bruno lost to Bob Palgon 0:3 (-6,-5,-6)
  • Peter Chung/Do Tran beat Bob Palgon/Dan Marinas 3:0 (7, 7, 12)
  • Do Tran beat Dan Marinas 3:0 (7,3,9)
  • Dan Bruno beat Mike Marinas 3:1 (-14,5,10,9)

Elite Division Highlight Video


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