1/6/2007 Meeting Summary

  • Attentees:
    • Stefan Feth - Palo Alto club
    • Khoa Nguyen - Palo Alto club
    • Ken Nguyen - Palo Alto club
    • Kingston Gee - Lincoln Square TT (Oakland)
    • Lewis Wei - San Francisco club
    • Rajul Sheth - India Community Center (Milpitas)
    • Michael Boot - Concord Club
    • Robert Palgon - Classic Hardbat (Mountain View)
    • Mario D'ortenzio - Cupertino YMCA
    • Fernando Chang - Cupertino YMCA
    • Bruce H. Liu - Milpitas Sports Center (MSC)
  • Teams registered: (team caption or contact person in parenthesis)
    • Open division
      1. Milpitas Sports Center (Bruce H. Liu, bay_tt@yahoo.com)
      2. Palo Alto TTC Team 1 (Khoa Nguyen, khoanguyen@yahoo.com)
      3. Palo Alto TTC Team 2 (Stefan Feth, Stefanfeth@aol.com)
      4. San Francisco CRS (Lewis Loyi Wei, gearycrs@hotmail.com)
      5. Lincoln Square TT (Kingston Gee, lincolnsquarett@yahoo.com)
    • U2200
      1. Cupertino Y Primo (Fernando Chang, fttchang@yahoo.com)
      2. iGoLogic Inspiration - an MSC team (Barry Or, orbarry@yahoo.com)
      3. Milpitas Sports Center 2200 (Bruce H. Liu, bay_tt@yahoo.com)
      4. Palo Alto TTC Team 3 (Henry Kwong, hykwong@stanford.edu)
      5. Reno Aces (Carlos Ortegon, cortegon@charter.net)
    • U1900
      1. Classic Hardbats (Robert Palgon, robertpalgon@hotmail.com)
      2. Cupertino Y Exige (Homa Wang, homaneag@yahoo.com)
      3. ICC TT Team 3 (Praful Bhaidasna, praful_bhaidasna@yahoo.com)
      4. iGoLogic Innovation - an MSC team (Barry Or, orbarry@yahoo.com)
      5. MSCTT Team A - an MSC team (Barry Or, orbarry@yahoo.com)
      6. Palo Alto TTC Team 4 (Bonnie Sun, bsun@contexengineering.com)
      7. Reno Royals (Carlos Ortegon, cortegon@charter.net)
      8. Concord TTC (Michael Boot, mboot45@yahoo.com.sg)
    • U1500
      1. CNetwork - an MSC team (Moses Wang, d41515@yahoo.com)
      2. Cupertino Y Defenders (Mario D'ortenzio, mariodort@yahoo.com)
      3. ICC TT Team 2 (Venkat Raman Tangirala, tangiralav@gmail.com)
      4. Palo Alto Team 5 (Valentin Gefter, vgefter@sbcglobal.net)
      5. San Francisco Chinatown TTC (Lewis Loyi Wei, gearycrs@hotmail.com)
    • U1000
      1. Lincoln Square TT Juniors (Kingston Gee, lincolnsquarett@yahoo.com)
      2. ICC TT Team (Rajul Sheth, rraajul@yahoo.com)
      3. Possible team from MSC - not confirmed yet (Bruce H. Liu, bay_tt@yahoo.com)
  • Each division has a division coordinator and the primary function for the division coordinator is scheduling. Each division coordinator will work with team captains in the division to have the schedule. The deadline 1/13/2007. The division coordinators are:
    • Open division - Stefan Feth
    • U2200 division - Bruce Liu
    • U1900 division - Michael Boot
    • U1500 division - Mario D'ortenzio
    • U1000 division - Rajul Sheth
  • 8 teams are in U1900 division. It will have 56 team ties which may be too many to manage. One possible solution is to divide U1900 into two sub-divisions. (4 teams each) That will reduce the number of team ties to 24 in the preliminary home/away series. Then, top two teams from each sub-division will have a RR. (6 team ties) 3rd and 4th finishers can have a RR as well. (6 teams ties) The total number of team ties will be 36 this way. Each team will play 9 team ties.
  • Uniform - Rajul Sheth is kindly to donate up to $1000 for uniforms. Stefan will use his part of his Joola equipment contribution to make up the deficit if needed. Each team captain should submit number of shirts needed as well as the size by 1/13/2007. One player per shirt, please. We all do this on good faith. We can use the money on other items more useful. If you need more shirts, Stefan and Rajul will figure out how much per shirt and available colors for us by 1/13/07, preferably earlier. Each team may also have their own uniform if they wish. Remember that uniform is required for the League.
  • Team roster - team captains please submit your roster to Bruce Liu, bay_tt@yahoo.com, by 1/13/2007.
  • League Balls - Rajul will generously provide each team 6 Nittaku Premium balls for the season. If you need more, it is also available from Bruce H. Liu. ($18 a dozen, no boxes though)
  • All-star games - at the end of the season, top 5 players in each division along with one player nominated by the respective division coordinator will form two teams to play an exhibition. The schedule and location will be determined later.
  • Everyone should try their best to promote the League. We will need people to write it up and submit to local media. Any creative way is welcome.
  • Rating - USATT League rating will be used. If a player does not have a USATT League rating, his/her USATT Rating will be used as the initial rating. After that, two ratings are independent, one will not affect the other. For players don't have any rating, they can play at Milpitas Spors Center to get one. Email bay_tt@yahoo.com for details.

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