1/20/2007 U2200 Palo Alto Team 3 vs Cupertino Y - Primo at Palo Alto

(from left to right, Cupertino Y - Primo in red and Palo Alto Team 3 in green, Mark Kent, David Chu, Fernando Chang, Wei Chen, Wim Coekaerts, Steven Reiling, Henry Kwong, and Michael Hsing)

This is the second U2200 team tie of the season. Cupertino did not encounter too much resistance. However, they'd better watch out next time since Palo Alto's top three players were not available for the team tie.

Cupertino Y - Primo beat Palo Alto Team 3 5:0

  • Wei Chen beat Steve Reiling 3-1 (1,6,-5,3)
  • Fernando Chang beat Michael Hsing 3-0 (6,6,5)
  • Dave Chu/Fernando Chang beat Michael Hsing/Wim Coekaerts 3-0 (7,7,8)
  • Wei Chen beat Wim Coekaerts 3-1 (9,5,-16,3)
  • Dave Chu beat Steve Reiling 3-0 (10,8,4)

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