Status Updates on 12/22/2006

  • Today is the last day to enter a team. If you haven't, please do so.
  • I've talked to Carlos Ortegon in Vegas. He entered two teams in Reno. We will try our best to include them with us.
  • Teams have entered as of 12/22/2006: (Northern California + Reno)
    • Open (4 teams): Milpitas Sports Center, Palo Alto Team1, Palo Alto Team 2, SF CRS
    • U2200 (5 teams): Cupertino YMCA-U2200, Milpitas Sports Center - 2200, MSCTT u2200 Team 2, Palo Alto Team 3, RENO ACES
    • U1900 (7 teams): ICC TT Team 3, MSCTT Team A, MSCTT Team B, Palo Alto TTC Team 4, Classic Hardbat, Cupertino Y - Exige, RENO ROYALS
    • U1500 (5 teams): ICC TT Team 2, Palo Alto TTC Team 5, San Francisco Chinatown TTC, CNetwork, Cupertino Y - Defenders
    • U1000 (1 team): ICC TT Team
  • Keep it up folks!

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