First Meeting Summary - 11/18/2006

  • Attendees:
    • SJSU club: Ken Nguyen
    • Cupertino: Mario D'ortenzio, Ron Ohlfs
    • Palo Alto: Khoa Nguyen, Stefan Feth, Jerry Sun
    • India Community Center: Michael Greene, Rajul Sheth (Regional Coordinator)
    • Milpitas Sports Center: Bruce H. Liu
    • Lincoln Square TT Club: Kingston Gee
    • San Francisco (CRS): Lewis Loyi Wei
    • Concord: Michael Boot
  • People agreed to use the Olympic format with a small twist that all divisions but Open division will play out all 5 matches instead of best of 3. Open Division will decide if they want to do that as well by themselves. Here is a useful link about the format. Action item: Rajul will check with USATT if we are allowed to do so.
  • Who and how will the results be submitted? Action item: Rajul will figure it out.
  • Visiting team and home team will keep a copy of the result and the host team captain will submitted the official copy to the regional coordinator.
  • Every hosting club should have a photographer taking pictures. (Video taping is desired if possible.) NATT should be able to host the pictures. Action item: Stefan will contact Tom Nguyen to confirm that. Otherwise, we will host it ourselves.
  • Will try to have more media coverage for playoffs.
  • Tentative Teams:
    • Palo Alto: 1 Open Division, 1 U1900, 1 U1500
    • India Community Center: 5 teams. One team in each division(Open, U2200, U1900, U1500, U1000)
    • Lincoln Square: TBD
    • Milpitas Sports Center: 1 U2200, 2 U1900
    • Cupertino: 1 U2200, 1 U1900
    • Concord: TBD
    • Stanford - TBD. Jerry Sun will contact the club.
    • SF CRS - 1 Open
    • Peninsula - TBD. Bruce will contact the club.
    • Berkeley club - TBD. Rajul will contact the club.
    • Sunset club - TBD. Rajul will contact the club.
    • All team should enter by 12/16/2006. Action item: Rajul will get the approval from USATT to extend the deadline. (as well as the discounted rate at $149 per team) DO NOT wait until 12/16 to enter your team. Enter it ASAP if you are sure about your team(s). You may finalize your roster by 12/23.
    • Only players in the roster can play. Can not substitute players during the season. You need only 3 players to play a team tie.
    • Player may play different divisions but only represent the same club. e.g. U2200 and Open divisions
    • Each team should try their best to find their own sponsors.
    • All teams must have their uniform. e.g. Same t-shirt. Rajul promised to get t-shirts for all teams but each team should have their own anyway. Bruce Liu can make iron-on t-shirts for your team if you need help. ($5 per t-shirt, your provide the design and t-shirts. Bruce will print it on the heat transfer paper and iron it on for you.
  • We should encourage unrated players get rated. Milpitas Sports Center has a weekly RR that can give relatively accurate rating. (
  • Next meeting will be held on 1/6/2007 at Heritage of India.
  • Financial Status: (Bruce H. Liu is the bookkeeper for now.)
    $1,000: contribution by Lewis Loyi Wei
    $1,000: contribution by Rajul Sheth
    $1,000 worth of equipment: promised by Stefan Feth
    Balance: $2,000 cash and $1,000 worth of equipment

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